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Immunity & Cancer Quiz


Identify the wrong statement with reference to immunity?

A. Active immunity is quick and gives full response

B. Foetus receives some antibodies from mother, it is an example for passive immunity

C. When exposed to antigen (living or dead) antibodies are produced in the host’s body. It is called “Active immunity”

D. When ready made antibodies are directly given , it is called “Passive immunity”.

Which of the following statements is not true for cancer cells in relation to mutations?

A. Mutations destroy telomerase inhibitor

B. Mutations inactivate the cell control

C. Mutations inhibit production of telomerase

D. Mutations in proto-oncogenes accelerate the cell cycle

Cell mediated immunity is provided by

A. B-Lymphocytes

B. Plasma cells

C. Interferon

D. T-Lymphocytes

To which type of barriers under innate immunity do saliva from mouth and tears from eye belongs to?

A. Physiological barriers

B. Physical barriers

C. Cytokine barriers

D. Cellular barriers

ADA deficiency results in

A. Increased risk of infertility

B. Inability of the immune system to function normally

C. Chromosomal disorders

D. Decrease in the yield of crop plants

If you suspect major deficiency of antibodies in a person, to which of the following would you look for confirmatory evidence?

A. Serum globulins

B. If you Fibrinogen in plasma

C. Serum albumins

D. Haemocytes

What are the main functions of globulins found in human blood plasma?

A. Body’s defence mechanism

B. Blood clotting

C. Oxygen transport in the blood

D. Osmotic balance of body fluids

Which of the following immunoglobulins constitute the largest percentage in human milk?

A. IgM

B. IgG

C. IgM

D. IgA

Which of the following is an autoimmune disorder?

A. Myasthenia gravis

B. Osteoporosis

C. Muscular dystrophy

D. Gout

The yellowish fluid “colostrum” secreted by mammary glands of mother during the initial days of lactation has abundant antibodies (IgA) to protect the infant. This type of immunity is called as:

A. Passive immunity

B. The Active immunity

C. Autoimmunity

D. Autoimmunity

A person likely to develop tetanus is immunised by giving

A. Weakened germs

B. Pre-formed germs

C. Dead grems

D. Wide spectrum antibodies

For effective treatment of the disease, early diagnosis and understanding its pathophysiology is very important. Which of the following molecular diagnostic techniques is very useful for early detection?

A. Hybridization technique

B. Western Blotting technique

C. Southern Blotting technique

D. ELISA technique

Which one is not property of cancer cells 

A. They show contact inhibition

B. Divide in uncontrolled manner

C. Compete with normal cells for vital nutrients

D. Do not remain confined to area of formation

MALT constitutes about ___________ of the lymphoid tissue in human body.

A. 50%

B. 20%

C. 70%

D. 10%

Which of the following immune responses is responsible for rejection of kidney graft?

A. Auto-immune response

B. Humoral immune response

C. Inflammatory immune response

D. Cell-mediated immune response

Use of antihistamines and steroids give a quick relief from

A. Allergy

B. Nausea

C. Cough

D. Headache

The yellowish fluid colostrum has abundant antibodies to protect infant is

A. Ig A

B. Ig M

C. Ig G

D. Ig E

Antivenom injection contains performed antibodies while polio drops that are administered into body contain

A. Activated pathogens

B. Harvested antibodies

C. Gamma globulin

D. Attenuated pathogens

Which of the following is not an autoimmune disease ?

A. Which of the Alzheimer’s disease

B. Psoriasis

C. Vitiligo

D. Rheumatoid arthritis

The letter T in T-lymphocyte refers to

A. Thymus

B. Thyroid

C. Thalamus

D. Tonsil

The role of an active immune system is that :

A. It recruits many cells to the affected tissue to kill  the disease-causing microbes

B. It leads to swelling and pain

C. It causes fever

D. It interferes with the functioning of body systems


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