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Diseases of Digestive System Quiz


Select the wrong answer:
Symptoms of gastroenteritis include:

A. fever

B. abdominal pain

C. headache

D. diarrhoea

Types of IBD

A. ulcerative colitis

B. crohn’s disease

C. both

D. none of the above

What is the first stop in the digestive system?

A. mouth

B. esophagus

C. stomach

D. small intestine

Inflammatory bowel disease is an autoimmune disease



Select correct answer:

A. Acute gastroenteritis typically lasts less than 7 days

B. Gastroenteritis is a rare disease

C. Virus etiology is rare

D. Dehydrataion is the slightest complication of gastroenteritis

This occurs when the contents of the bowel pass very rapidly into the large intestine, producing liquid faeces.

A. Diarrhoea

B. Constipation

C. Gastroenteritis

D. Lactase intolerance

Typical symptoms are diarrhoea, abdominal pain, fever, nausea, vomiting, headaches and muscular pain.

A. Constipation

B. Appendicitis

C. Gastroenteritis

D. Lactase intolerance

The symptoms of IBD are

A. abdominal pain

B. arthritis

C. diarrhea

D. skin lesions

E. all of the above


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