Medical Quiz

Tissues of The Body Quiz


Studying where the lymph nodes can be found is an example of…

A. anatomy

B. physiology

Another name for adipose tissue.

A. cartilage

B. bone

C. lymph

D. fat

Type of tissue found in the brain and spinal cord.

A. epithelial

B. muscle

C. nerve

D. connective.

Attaches muscle to bone.

A. ligament

B. collagen

C. tendon

D. joints

Type of connective tissue found in and around blood vessels and organs.

A. fibrous

B. cartilage

C. tendons

D. loose

Which muscle type is voluntary?

A. cardiac

B. skeletal

C. smooth

D. all are voluntary

Which is a function of epithelial tissue?

A. production

B. secretion

C. absorption

D. sensation

E. all of the above.

What are the 4 major tissue types?

A. epithelial, columnar, muscle, nerve

B. muscle, nerve, epithelial, connective

C. connective, muscle, striated, smooth

D. smooth, cardiac, epithelial, skeletal

Tissue that is classified by size and number.

A. muscle

B. nerve

C. epithelial

D. smooth

Which is the correct arrangement of body structure?

A. molecule, tissue, cell, organism, organ

B. molecule, cell, tissue, organ, organism

C. cell, molecule, organ, organism, molecule,

D. tissue, molecule, cell,, organ, organism

Which types of muscles are involuntary?

A. cardiac and smooth

B. smooth and skeletal

C. skeletal and smooth

D. cardiac and skeletal

Movement , posture, and heat production are the functions of which type of tissue?

A. connective

B. epithelial

C. muscle

D. nerve

The study of the functions of body parts.

A. anatomy

B. physiology

C. philosophy

D. cardiology

Which is not a type of eptithelial tissue?

A. squamous

B. elastin

C. cuboidal

D. striated

Collagen and elastin are the 2 fibers in which type of tissue?

A. connective

B. epithelial

C. muscle

D. nerve

the study of the structure of the human body and how the body parts are organized.

A. physiology

B. psychology

C. astrology

D. anatomy

Which is not one of the 3 types of muscle?

A. connective

B. smooth

C. skeletal

D. cardiac

Studying where the heart is located in an example of…

A. anatomy

B. physiology

Studying how the kidneys clean the body’s blood.

A. anatomy

B. physiology

Cardiac muscle is only found where?

A. liver

B. lungs

C. bladder

D. heart


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