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Muscles and Healthy Body Quiz


These foods contain of protein

A. milk, egg, spinach

B. bean, rice, cheese

C. egg, nut, milk

D. egg, corn, dairy products

The muscles in intestine is …..

A. voluntary muscle

B. involuntary muscle

C. cardiac muscle

D. big muscle

Our body could not function without fats.



The body needs vitamin to repair our body.



How many muscles in our body?

A. 206 muscles

B. 600 muscles

C. 500 muscles

D. 800 muscles

Voluntary muscles is …..

A. muscles in our heart

B. mucles that we can’t control

C. muscles that we can control

D. muscles in our eyes

What connects muscles to other muscles?

A. tendon

B. bones

C. tissue

D. biceps

Muscle is …..

A. A tissue that moves parts of bones

B. A group of tissues that moves parts of body

C. A group of cells that moves parts of body

D. A cell that moves parts of bones

We can find carbohydrates in …..

A. grains, fruits, meats

B. potatoes, grains, rice

C. milk, corn, grains

D. vegetables, grains, nuts

Cardiac muscle is found only in the …..

A. digestive system

B. eyes

C. lungs

D. heart

The nutrients that helps digest the food we eat …..

A. proteins

B. vitamins

C. water

D. fats

Which one is incorrect statement?

A. Exercise also is an important part of good nutrition.

B. When you do not get enough vitamins, you can get sick.

C. We need to drink water 1-2 liters/day.

D. A food pyramid tells us what foods we should eat.

The main source of energy for the body is …..

A. proteins

B. carbohydrate

C. vitamin

D. fats

The fastest muscles in our body …..

A. muscles in eyes

B. muscles in face

C. muscles in arm

D. muscles in legs

Which one is the correct statement?

A. If our biceps contracted, biceps relaxed

B. If our triceps contracted, biceps contracted

C. If our tricep relaxed, biceps relaxed

D. If our biceps relaxed, triceps contracted


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