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Medical Terminology Quiz

Spelling matters because

A. a slight variation can mean something different

B. people think less of poor spellers

C. spelling doesn’t matter, close enough is close enough

D. spelling doesn’t matter because spell check will always correct it

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Types of Medical Reports Infectious Disease Hematology Hemodynamics Lung & Breathing Anatomy and Histology of Stomach Upper Limb Major Organs Bacteria and Viruses Tracheostomy Care Communicable Diseases and Immune Response (OCR) Hospital Departments Facial & Dental Injuries Proteins Type of Dementia

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Goitre: swelling of thyroid glands occurs due to the deficiency of

A. iodine

B. potassium

C. phosphorus

D. iron

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The inner portion of the menisci are ____ which makes healing almost impossible.

A. Vascular

B. Thin

C. Mobile

D. Avascular