Medical Quiz

Body Structures and Organ Systems Quiz


The meninges are in_____

A. The cranial cavity

B. The spinal cavity

C. Thoracic cavity

D. Pelvic cavity

Which part of the immune system produces T-cells?

A. Spleen

B. Thymus

C. Lymph nodes

D. Interstitial fluid

Which plane divides the body into upper and lower sections?

A. Sagittal

B. Transverse

C. Frontal

Toward the front of the body

A. Posterior

B. Deep

C. Anterior

D. Distal

Which type of lymphocyte attaches to antigens to attach invading cells?

A. B-cells

B. T-cells

Which part of the integumentary system produces sebum to keep skin and hair soft?

A. Hair follicles

B. Sudoriferous glands

C. Sebaceous Glands

Name the structure of the organ system in order

A. Tissue, cell, organ, organ system

B. Cell, tissue, organ, organ system

C. Cell, tissue, organ system, organ

D. Tissue, organ, cell, organ system

Which part of the integumentary system contains arteries, veins, and nerves?

A. Dermis layer

B. Epidermis layer

C. Subcutaneous layer

Red bone marrow in the bone produces new blood cells. This process is known as_____________?

A. Hematology

B. Hematopoiesis

C. Homeostasis

D. Hemolysis


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