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Heredity Quiz


The inherited combination of alleles is known as the offspring’s
A. heredity
B. phenotype
C. genotype
D. redigree

If you cross two heterozygous pea plants that are tall, what is the probability they will have offspring that are tall?

A. one in four

B. two in four

C. four in four

D. three in four

What is a gene?
A. An entire chromosome that codes for a trait
B. a piece of clothing
C. a piece of a DNA on chromosome that codes for a trait
D. Chemical messengers in your brain that code for a trait

Which of the following is heterozygous or one dominant and one recessive allele?


B. tt

C. Gg


When the doctor operates on the patient’s eye, he is using

A. learned behavior.

B. acquired physical trait.

C. inherited physical trait.

D. instinct.

If two alleles are the same for a certain trait they are considered

A. Homozygous

B. Twins

C. Heterozygous

D. Common

What is cross pollination?
A. When pollen from a flower fertilizes itself or another flower on the same plant
B. When pollen from one flower fertilizes a flower on a different plant
C. A plant whose offspring share the same traits as the parent
D. A plant whose offspring is genetically different from the parent.

If a gene is always expressed or always shown with a capital letter it is

A. Bossy

B. Recessive

C. Yelling

D. Dominant

What is NOT an inherited trait of humans?
A. Favorite type of music
B. Freckles
C. Hair color
D. Height

Chromosomes are

A. Found in the mitochondria

B. Made of 20 pairs

C. Long strands of DNA that contain many genes

D. Bundles of DNA that contain only one gene each

Heredity is the passing of traits from _____________________ to _____________________
A. predators to prey
B. water to rain
C. parents to offspring
D. fungi to protists

The scientific study of heredity.

A. Genetics

B. Heredity

C. Probability

D. Pedigree

What organism did Mendel study?

A. pea plants

B. onions

C. mice

D. cats

The different forms of a gene.

A. Genes

B. Allele

C. Phenotype

D. Pedigree

Which would be an example of a trait shaped by their environment?

A. Eye color

B. Hair color

C. Language they speak

D. Height

The passing of physical characteristics, or traits, from parent to offspring.

A. Genetics

B. Dominant allele

C. Heredity

D. Recessive allele

An organism that has two different alleles for a trait.

A. Genes

B. Heterozygous

C. Genotype

D. Dominant allele

Which is heterozygous ?

A. Tt



D. E

Segments of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) found in chromosomes that give instructions for producing a certain characteristic.

A. heredity

B. gene

C. allele

D. genotype

E. phenotype

A unit of genetic material or factor that determines a trait

A. Carrier


C. chromosome

D. Gene

An organism’s appearance is known as its
A. heredity
B. phenotype
C. genotype
D. pedigree

Every living thing has genetic information stored in the form of

A. Ribosomes


C. Chloroplast

D. Mitochondria

A trait that is always hidden when the dominant allele is present.

A. Phenotype

B. Recessive allele

C. Genotype

D. Heredity

Juan’s dog, Luna, was hit by a car. Fortunately, she lived and is healthy! But she is now missing a leg. Having only three legs is a(n)

A. inherited trait.

B. learned behavior.

C. instinct.

D. acquired trait.

Which sentence is FALSE?
A. All organisms have 23 pairs of DNA.
B. Chromosomes are made of genes.
C. DNA is made out of 4 chemicals: adenine, cytosine, thymine, guanine
D. DNA is the recipe for life.


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