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swine condition in which calcium leaks from the endoplasmic reticulum, causing pigs to shake involuntary

A. porcine stress syndrome

B. integument

C. Neurons

D. basement membrane

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All of the below were in the inclusion criteria for UNIFI patients EXCEPT:

A. ≥18 years of age

B. Moderate-to-severe UC diagnosis ≥3 months before screening

C. Stable doses of 5-ASA and immunomodulators were maintained from induction BL through maintenance Week 44

D. Prior TNF-antagonist therapy was discontinued ≥8 weeks and vedolizumab ≥4 months before study entry; other conventional therapies were discontinued ≥2-4 weeks before study entry

E. Oral corticosteroids were maintained at a stable dose during induction and tapered upon entering maintenance