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Renal System - Pharmacology Quiz


Which part of the urinary system carries waste for the kidneys to the bladder?

A. Urethra

B. Ureters

C. renal vein

D. nephron

What is an usual side effect of Pyridium ( phenazopyridine)

A. Orange or reddish urine

B. relief of urinary urgency and painful urination

C. Drowsiness

D. Thirst

Which of the following would not be used for UTI’s?

A. Septra

B. fluconazole

C. zyloprim

D. tetracycline

Urolithiasis is the the medical term for what?

A. Tx used to break up kidney stones

B. kidney stones

C. urinary blockage

A commonly prescribed thiazide diuretic is what?

A. Aldactone

B. Dyrenium

C. Lasix

D. Microzide

Cations include __________, and anions include ___________.

A. + charged ions;
– charged ions

B. -charged ions; +charged ions

C. Na+ and K+;
CL- and HCO3-

D. + charged ions, NA+ & K+;
– charged ions, CL- and HCO3-

What is considered to be the final stage of renal disease?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Urinary urge incontinence can be caused or exacerbated by what?

A. sneezing

B. coughing

C. infection or irritation

D. weight gain

What job of the kidneys does dialysis help with?

A. filtration and secretion

B. secretion

C. filtration

D. absorption

Nocturia is defined as …….

A. “bedwetting”

B. inability to completely empty the bladder

C. form of insomnia

Which of the following is a possible side effect of ALL diuretics?

A. Photosensitivity

B. hypotension

C. n/v and diarrhea

D. hypertension

Acidosis occurs when …….

A. too many free H+ ions aresent in the blood

B. retention of HCO3- is present

C. there is loss of H+ is excessive

D. All of the answers are correct

Hyperphosphatemia is a major issue with renal failure that can be treated with what?

A. Tums

B. PhosLo

C. Renagel

D. All are correct treatments

Which of the following is NOT a loop diurectic?

A. bumetanide

B. torsemide

C. furosemide

D. spironolactone


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