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Muscoskeletal System Quiz


Which organ system does the organ in the image belong to?

A. Circulatory system

B. Digestive system

C. Nervous system

D. Respiratory system

The image shows the bones of the organism. Name this kind of photograph.

A. X-Ray

B. mamogram

C. ultrasound

D. spirogram

The father of the modern anatomy.

A. Andreas Vesalius

B. Aristotle

C. Isaac Newton

D. Charles Darwin

Which of the following protects the brain, heart, and lungs?

A. Sternum, Cranium and rib cage

B. Rib cage, Cranium, and vertebral column

C. Cranium, clavicle, and pelvic girdle

D. Sternum, Rib cage, and carpals

What is the function of the cartilage?

A. This is where biceps are attached

B. It lubricates the joints and prevents friction

C. covers the bone and prevents friction

D. This is where the triceps are attached

Name the organ system shown in the image.

A. Digestive system

B. Skeletal system

C. Respiratory system

D. Circulatory system

Which of the following is fibula?

A. 13

B. 12

C. 11

D. 5

What do you call the muscles to work together in pairs?

A. joint

B. tendon

C. biceps

D. antagonistic muscles

This lubricates the joints and prevents friction.

A. cartilage

B. ligaments

C. synovial fluid

D. tendons

The branch of biology that deals with the study of the way the body works.

A. Anatomy

B. Botany

C. Neurology

D. Physiology

What is the main function of the organ system in the diagram?

A. Breathing

B. Circulating

C. Digesting and absorbing

D. Transmitting information

A place where two bones meet is called _____.

A. bones

B. joints

C. muscles

D. tendons

What happens to the triceps when the arm straighten?

A. agonist

B. contracts

C. flexion

D. Relaxes

All are functions of the organs in the image EXCEPT

A. Collect information inside and outside of the body

B. transmits the messages to the brain

C. process the information

D. digest food

The branch of biology that deals with the study of the structure of the body of humans or animals?

A. anatomy

B. botany

C. neurology

D. physiology

The person who is responsible for dealing with the study of the brain and its processes.

A. anatomist

B. botanist

C. neuroscientist

D. physiologist


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