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Microbio (Viruses) Quiz

Phage lambda attachment and entry into E. coli…

A. Involves a bacterial porin, LamB

B. DNA must pass through one membrane only

C. Starts with rolling circle replication

D. Requires cro protein

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Ecology & Organisms › View

Cowbirds are known to lay their eggs in the nests of other birds. Mother birds will feed the new chicks and their own, which sometimes means not every chick gets enough food. This is an example of ____________.

A. mutualism

B. commensalism

C. amensalism

D. parasitism

Body Systems & Anatomical Terms › View

What is the anatomical name for the FINGERS & TOES?

A. Metacarpals

B. Metatarsals

C. Phalangeal/Digital

D. Tarsals