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Blood Quiz


The blood comprises 8% of the total human body weight.



Which of the following should not be part of the group?

A. Resophils

B. Basophils

C. Neutrophils

D. Lymphocytes

A type of white blood cell that helps in fighting allergic reactions.

A. Basophils

B. Lymphocytes

C. Erythrocytes

D. Neutrophils

What is the other name for white blood cells?

A. Leukocytes

B. Erythrocytes

C. Plasma

D. Thrombocytes

The following are the formed elements in the blood except for?

A. Plasma

B. Red Blood Cells

C. Leukocytes

D. Platelets

How would you describe the shape of the red blood cells?

A. Biconcave

B. Amorphous

C. Nucleated

D. Indefinite

How would you describe the shape of a white blood cell?

A. Amorphous

B. Anucleated

C. Definite

D. Biconcave

Why is the Red Blood Cells color red?

A. because of hemoglobin

B. because of protein

C. because of blood

D. because of erythrocytes

Which if the following is carried by the blood to all parts of the body?

A. Oxygen

B. Carbon dioxide

C. Blood

D. Carbohydrates

It is the blood making process inside our body.

A. Hematopoiesis

B. Hematology

C. Hemophilia

D. Hematoprocess

How long is the average life span of a red blood cell?

A. 120 days

B. 100 days

C. 130 days

D. 110 days

They are not real cells but just fragments of stem cells.

A. Thrombocytes

B. Ertyhrocytes

C. Plasma

D. White Blood Cells

It is the liquid part of the blood that is yellowish in color.

A. Plasma

B. Platelets

C. Blood

D. Red Blood Cells

In what specific part of the body is the blood formed?

A. Bone Marrow

B. Bones

C. Heart

D. Right Lung

A type of white blood cell that ingests and destroys bacteria.

A. Eosinophils

B. Basophils

C. Macrophages

D. Lymphocytes

The blood helps in fighting off infectious microorganisms.




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