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Blood Quiz


How long is the average life span of a red blood cell?

A. 120 days

B. 100 days

C. 130 days

D. 110 days

The following are the formed elements in the blood except for?

A. Plasma

B. Red Blood Cells

C. Leukocytes

D. Platelets

Which of the following should not be part of the group?

A. Resophils

B. Basophils

C. Neutrophils

D. Lymphocytes

Which if the following is carried by the blood to all parts of the body?

A. Oxygen

B. Carbon dioxide

C. Blood

D. Carbohydrates

Irregularly shaped cell fragments that help clot blood

A. Platelets

B. Lymph

C. Plasma

D. White Blood Cells

Identify the definition of the medical term:VISCERA

A. Abdominal organs enclosed within a cavity

B. Cells in the blood

C. Tissues composed of cartilage

D. The pupil of an eye

E. Parts of a cell

What is the medical term pertaining to?DERMA

A. Skin

B. Nervous Tissue

C. Bone

D. Fat

E. Cartilage

Identify the definition of the medical term:EPI-

A. Above

B. Up

C. Removal, excision, resection

D. Cut into, incision, section

E. Below

Identify the definition of the medical term:INGUIN/O

A. Groin

B. Cartilage

C. Skull

D. Chest

E. Sacrum

The blood comprises 8% of the total human body weight.



Identify the definition of the medical term:CHONDR/O

A. Cartilage

B. Skull

C. Chest

D. Sacrum

E. Groin

Identify the definition of the medical term:SUPINE

A. Lying on the back face up

B. Lying on the floor face down

C. In front of the body

D. Conducting toward a structure

E. Pertaining to the side

Contains hemoglobin, supplies body with oxygen

A. Plasma

B. Platelet

C. White Blood Cell

D. Red Blood Cell

How many blood types do cows have?

A. 8

B. 80

C. 800

D. 8000

Choose the correct term that means:LYING HORIZONTAL FACE DOWN

A. Prone

B. Transverse

C. Supine

D. Posterior

E. Superficial

What is the medical term pertaining to?SARCOMA

A. A malignant tumor of connective or bone tissue

B. A mass of blood

C. A flesh tumor; benign

D. A skin tumor of epithelial cells

E. A portion of backbone

Choose the correct term that means:PERTAINING TO THE MIDDLE

A. Medial

B. Superior, Cephalic

C. Inferior, Caudal

D. Lateral

E. Superficial

Identify the definition of the medical term:-ECTOMY

A. Removal, excision, resection

B. Up

C. Cut into, incision, section

D. Below

E. Above

How would you describe the shape of a white blood cell?

A. Amorphous

B. Anucleated

C. Definite

D. Biconcave

The human body has how many types of tissue?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 1

It is the blood making process inside our body.

A. Hematopoiesis

B. Hematology

C. Hemophilia

D. Hematoprocess

Platelets are cells.



Fight bacteria and viruses by entering infected tissue, destroying bacteria/viruses and absorb dead blood cells

A. White Blood Cells

B. Red Blood Cells

C. Platelets

D. Plasma

Choose the correct term that means:AWAY FROM THE SURFACE BODY

A. Deep

B. Superficial

C. Inferior, Caudal

D. Superior, Cephalic

E. Medial

Choose the correct term that means:ON THE SURFACE BODY

A. Superficial

B. Inferior, caudal

C. Prone

D. Lateral

E. Deep


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