Medical Quiz

Population Ecology Quiz


Which of the following is TRUE of predator/prey relationships?
A. The amount of prey does not affect the number of predators.
B. Herbivores are limited by the number of prey in an ecosystem.
C. Humans are not considered predators.
D. The number of predators is determined by available prey.

What kind of growth does this countries population pyramid show?

A. slow (stationary growth)

B. rapid (expansive growth)

C. negative (constrictive growth)

D. stable

Name that population pyramid…
A. Exponential Growth
B. Developing Country
C. Stable Growth
D. Declining Growth

Logistic growth has 3 phases. In Phase 1, the population grows rapidly. In Phase 2, population grows slowly. In Phase 3, growth stops. What causes growth to stop in the 3rd phase of logistic growth?
A. Emigration
B. Immigration
C. Exponential Growth
D. Carrying Capacity