Medical Quiz

Cell Injury Quiz


Organisms that are made up of only 1 cell are called:

A. Multicellular

B. Bacteria

C. Unicellular

D. Eukaryotic

Positive feedback system is

A. Inhibitory

B. Stimulatory

Listed below are characteristic of atrophy and hypertrophy EXCEPT:

A. Hypertrophy occurs due to increase amounts of structural proteins and organelles

B. Hypertrophy only occurs in permanent cells

C. Aging is a cause of atrophy

D. Atrophy occurs due to decreased protein synthesis, increased protein degradation in cells & autophagy

“Remaining stable by remaining the same” is..

A. Feedback

B. Homeostasis

C. Repair

Movement in response to any stimulus is called:

A. Taxis

B. Phototaxis

C. Chemotaxis

D. Migration

TB is what type of necrosis?

A. Coagulative

B. Caseation

C. Liquifactive

D. Fibrinoid

Characteristic changes in a cell caused by a disease

A. Necrosis

B. Lesion

C. Prognosis

Nerve cells conduct impulses in the form of …

A. it’s spherical shape

B. branches

C. electric signals

Chemotaxis is movement in response to:

A. Light

B. Seasons

C. Anything

D. Chemical compounds

Temperature control is an example of

A. Positive feedback

B. Negative feedback

The word “Pathology” is derived from

A. Greek

B. Latin

C. Hebrew

Listed below are common adaptive cellular changes EXCEPT:

A. Atrophy

B. Hypertrophy

C. Hyperplasia

D. Dysplasia


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