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The Skeletal System Quiz


What type of bone is longer than it is wide?

A. Long bones

B. Short bones

C. Flat bones

D. Irregular bones

Bones, joints, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments make up the ____________.

A. Skeletal System

B. Organs

C. Skeleton

D. Human body

Where in the skeleton might you find a flat bone?

A. Hand

B. Wrist

C. Chest

D. Leg

Soft rubbery tissue that keeps bone from rubbing together

A. cartilage

B. marrow

C. ligament

D. vertebrae

Which of the following is a hard substance that keeps bones from rubbing together?

A. Joint

B. Tendon

C. Ligament

D. Cartilage

When do bones stop growing?

A. Age 20

B. Age 15

C. Age 25

D. Bones don’t grow

What is produced inside bones?

A. Blood cells

B. Cartilage

C. Tendons

D. Muscles

Without these we would not be able to bend our arms or legs.

A. Hinges

B. Tendons

C. Ligaments

D. Joints

What term means surgical repair of a bone ?

A. osteectomy

B. craniotomy

C. ostioplasty

D. osteomalacia

All the bones in the human body are called the ____________.

A. Ligaments

B. Skeleton

C. Cartilage

D. Bones

Why is it important to keep bones healthy?

A. Bones stop growing longer around age 25.

B. Bones can break easily.

C. Bones are alive and working.

D. Bones only grow once.

Which fracture is common when a person tried to break their fall with outstretched arms? (NOLAN LOPER!)

A. greenstick 

B. impacted

C. Compression

D. Spiral

What is the purpose of the rib cage?

A. Helps us to think

B. Carries blood throughout the body

C. Protects our brain

D. Protects our vital organs

Why is it important to keep bones protected?

A. Bones can break.

B. Bones are alive.

C. Bones create blood cells.

D. Bones are thick and strong.

Tough band of tissue that holds bones together

A. cartilage

B. vertebrae

C. ligament

D. marrow

How many main types of bones are in the human skeleton?

A. 300

B. 4

C. 5

D. 206

What are bones like on the outside?

A. Soft and spongy

B. Heavy and solid

C. Thin and Brittle

D. Thick and strong

What can be found inside bones?

A. Nothing

B. Sponges

C. Ligaments

D. Marrow

Bone forming cells are called :

A. osteocytes

B. osteoblasts

C. foramen

D. sutures

What type of joint is found at the elbow?

A. hinge

B. ball and socket

C. saddle

D. gliding

Ligaments attach –

A. bone to muscle.

B. bone to tendons.

C. bone to bone.

D. bone to ligaments.

What is the cranium?

A. spine

B. skull

C. thigh

D. arm

An abnormal lateral curvature of the spine. 

A. Scoliosis

B. greenstick fracture 

C. osteoporosis

D. Arthritis

What important minerals are stored in the bones?

A. Iron and phosphorous

B. Fluoride and iodine

C. calcium and phosphorus

D. Zinc and vitamin C

What does bone marrow produce?

A. Muscles

B. Blood

C. Hair

D. Water


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