Medical Quiz

The Skeletal System Quiz


The area where bones meet is called a _________.

A. Joint

B. Tendon

C. Ligament

D. Cartilage

What is the largest bone in your arm?

A. Radius

B. Ulna

C. Femur

D. Humerus

What hard substance is found in babies before bones grow?

A. Joint

B. Tendon

C. Ligament

D. Cartilage

What connects bones together?

A. ligaments

B. brains

C. trachea

D. heart

The site of bone growth on a long bone is called

A. Epiphyseal plate

B. diaphysis

C. periosteum

D. meduary cavity

What type of bone is longer than it is wide?

A. Long bones

B. Short bones

C. Flat bones

D. Irregular bones

What is the purpose of the rib cage?

A. Helps us to think

B. Carries blood throughout the body

C. Protects our brain

D. Protects our vital organs

What do bones need to grow?

A. Lots of water

B. Calcium

C. Green Vegetables

D. Fractures

What happens when babies’ bones fuse together?

A. Split into two

B. Create cartilage

C. Break apart

D. Join together

What is produced inside bones?

A. Blood cells

B. Cartilage

C. Tendons

D. Muscles

Where can you find the periosteum?

A. On the outermost portion of your bones

B. In the innermost portion of your bones

C. Between the layers of spongy bone

D. In the hollows of your bones

What connects bones to muscles?

A. hair

B. bones

C. tendons

D. teriyaki

Tissues that hold bones together at a joint are called _________.

A. Joint

B. Tendon

C. Ligament

D. Cartilage

When do bones stop growing?

A. Age 20

B. Age 15

C. Age 25

D. Bones don’t grow

The spine ribs and sternum protect the organs contained in what cavity?

A. buccal

B. abdominal

C. pelvic

D. thoracic

Which of the following are not features of compact bone? 

A. osteocytes

B. Haversian canals

C. Lamellae

D. Trabeculae

Why are bones able to heal themselves after a fracture?

A. Bones are always growing longer.

B. Bones are alive.

C. Bones create blood cells.

D. Bones are thick and strong.

What type of bone is large, strong, and flat?

A. Long bones

B. Short bones

C. Flat bones

D. Irregular bones

What happens when bones break?

A. They stay broken forever

B. Pieces grow back together

C. They repair themselves

D. Doctors have to repair them in surgery

What term means surgical repair of a bone ?

A. osteectomy

B. craniotomy

C. ostioplasty

D. osteomalacia

What can you do to keep bones strong?

A. Lots of water

B. Helmets and other sports equipment

C. Green Vegetables

D. Exercise

What term means cutting into the skull?

A. ostectomy

B. craniomalacia

C. craniotomy

D. craniomegaly

What does bone marrow produce?

A. Muscles

B. Blood

C. Hair

D. Water

The Axial part of the skeleton contains ______ bones.

A. 80

B. 126

C. 206

D. 300

What is the main purpose of the cranium?

A. Protects your heart

B. Protects your brain

C. Protects your lungs

D. Protects your intestines


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