Medical Quiz

The Skeletal System Quiz


What is the cranium?

A. spine

B. skull

C. thigh

D. arm

Where can you find the periosteum?

A. On the outermost portion of your bones

B. In the innermost portion of your bones

C. Between the layers of spongy bone

D. In the hollows of your bones

What is a flexible connective tissue that is found in your nose and ears?

A. cartilage

B. scapula

C. patella

D. cranium

Tough band of tissue that holds bones together

A. cartilage

B. vertebrae

C. ligament

D. marrow

Soft rubbery tissue that keeps bone from rubbing together

A. cartilage

B. marrow

C. ligament

D. vertebrae

What connects bones to muscles?

A. hair

B. bones

C. tendons

D. teriyaki

A disease called osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage between joints wears away. What can you infer about osteoarthritis?

A. It prevents joints from moving smoothly

B. It causes joints to dislocate easily

C. It causes bones to become more brittle

D. It reduces joints’ range of motion

If your body were a tall building, your skeleton would be:

A. The beams and joists that hold it up

B. The plumbing and electrical systems

C. The foundation that anchors it to the ground

D. The apartments and offices inside it

Where would you find the humerus?

A. head

B. leg

C. arm

D. knee

What does the cranium protect?

A. heart

B. eyes

C. brain

D. liver

Which pair of joints has the most in common?

A. Your ankle joints and your shoulder joints

B. The joints in your spine and your hip joints

C. Your elbow joints and your knee joints

D. Your wrist joints and your shoulder joints

What can you infer from the fact that babies have more bones than adults?

A. Most adults suffer from bone loss

B. Teenagers also have more bones than adults

C. Babies shed some of their bones as they grow

D. Some of babies’ bones fuse together as they grow

Which term best describes compact bone?

A. Spongy

B. flexible

C. rigid

D. liquid

What is the purpose of the rib cage?

A. Helps us to think

B. Carries blood throughout the body

C. Protects our brain

D. Protects our vital organs

If you have a “slipped disc,” you have a:

A. Head injury

B. Shoulder injury

C. Knee injury

D. Back injury

What connects bones together?

A. ligaments

B. brains

C. trachea

D. heart


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