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Muscularskeletal System Quiz


This is the thick tissue that forms the outer layer of bone. This part of the bone can be repaired, and it gives elasticity and rigidity to the bone.

A. Cancellous

B. Compact bone

C. Medullary cavity

D. Ossification

Are fibrous strands of tissue that connect one bone to another bone and serve as support and strength to all areas of the body. They also allow bending and movement of the limbs.

A. Bones

B. Ligaments

C. Tendons

D. Muscles

What is an example of a flat bone?

A. Patella

B. Vertebrae

C. Scapula

D. Femur

Is a common genetic condition of large-breed dogs. The ball and socket joint of the pelvis and femur becomes diseased and does not sit properly. This condition varies in degree of severity. The socket of the pelvis is shallow, and the ball of the femur subluxates or comes partially out of the joint.

A. Cruciate ligament tears

B. Arthritis

C. Hip dysplasia

D. Fracrtures

Bones are covered externally with a thin connective tissue called?

A. Osteoblast

B. endosteum

C. Osteocyte

D. periosteum

The _____ skeleton contains the bones of the body that lie perpendicular or lengthwise. This includes the skull, spinal column, ribs, and sternum.

A. Axial skeleton

B. Appendicular skeleton.

Bone is constantly repairing and remodeling in response to the body’s need for which substance?

A. iron

B. sodium

C. water

D. calcium

Is the part of the body that contains the appendages or limbs. The forelegs or forelimbs are the front legs of an animal.

A. Appendicular skeleton.

B. Axial skeleton


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