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the study of life and living things

A. biology

B. dermatology

C. ecology

D. geology

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Body Fluids Properties of The Hair and Scalp Urinary System Medical Suffixes Infectious Diseases The nervous system & brain Neuroanatomy of CNS Heart and Blood Vessels Cardiology Services Med Terms Pathophysiology_Endocrine Nature of Science Cell and Muscle Histology The Human Body Nerve Injuries in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Physical Fitness Components

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Upper Limb › View

The joint found between the base of the third metacarpal and carpal bone is the:

A. carpometacarpal

B. Proximal Interphalangeal joint

C. Distal interphalangeal joint

D. AC Joijnt

Skeletal System Homeostatic Imbalances › View

A 2 year child fell off the trampoline and landed on his outstretched right arm. Due to the child’s long lasting wimpers in pain, the parents took him to the doctor. The X-ray revealed a significant bending of the bone with a minimal fracture. This is called a ____________fracture.

A. comminuted

B. spiral

C. compression

D. greenstick