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Conjunctivita Quiz


What can cure bacterial Conjunctivita

A. Eye drops

B. Only Waiting

C. Both

What is The cell that is responsible for detecting light

A. Rodes

B. Cones

C. All

D. Retine

About how many people are blind in the world

A. 37 Million

B. 15 Million

C. 43 Million

D. 52 Million

What can cure Viral Conjunctivita

A. Eye Drops

B. Waiting only

C. None

What is the function of the conjunctiva

A. To keep the eye moist

B. To keep the retina working

C. To fill in the vitreous humor

D. All

What is conjunctivita

A. A bacteria

B. A virus

C. Both

Which Form of conjunctivita is worse

A. Viral

B. Bacterial

C. Both

What is another name of conjunctivita

A. Pink eye

B. Red disease

C. Red Eye

D. Eyeonomy

What gives your eye colour

A. Colour piggy

B. Iris


How to Keep your self away from this

A. Wash hands

B. Don’t go close to infected people

C. Eat healthy

D. All

Which country has the most blind people


B. Russia

C. Afghanistan

D. India


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