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The study of the feet is called ________________.

A. Orthopedics

B. Pathology

C. Podiatry

D. Oncology

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All of the following statements are true, EXCEPT

A. Mutations can interfere with gene expression at various levels.

B. Transcription may be suppressed by gene deletions and point mutations involving promoter sequences.

C. Abnormal mRNA processing may result from mutations affecting introns or splice junctions or both.

D. Translation is affected if a missense mutation creates a stop codon within an exon

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DNA replication turns one strand of DNA into two new strands of DNA. What percent of each new strand is the old strand?

A. Half of each new DNA is the old DNA

B. The old strand of DNA was digested, so none

C. The new DNA is entirely made up of the old DNA

D. About every sixth base comes from the old DNA