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Nutrition and Biochemistry Vocabulary Quiz


one of the three macronutrients that is broken down into glucose and then converted into energy for our body functions.

A. Carbohydrates

B. Lipids

C. Fats

D. Proteins

The organelle that performs cellular respiration in eukaryotes

A. Mitochondria

B. Chloroplast

C. Golgi Apparatus

D. Ribosome

the mechanical action and use of enzymes to break down food into smaller substances that can be used by the body.

A. Digestion

B. Photosynthesis

C. Cellular Respiration

D. Protein Synthesis

The chemical reactions autotrophs use to capture the energy from sunlight for storage by converting CO2 into Glucose

A. Photosynthesis

B. Respiration

C. Electrolysis

D. Fermentation

a simple sugar that is the main source cells use to create ATP. The building block of carbohydrates.

A. Glucose

B. Protein

C. Amino Acid

D. Mitochondria

The molecule that cells use as energy


B. Glucose

C. Adenosine

D. Lipids

one of the three macronutrients that is made of a chain of amino acids. Used for growth and repair of tissues in your bod

A. Protein

B. Carbohydrates

C. Fats

D. Vitamins

the building blocks of proteins

A. Amino Acids

B. Carbohydrates

C. Lipids

D. Nucleic Acids

The building blocks of lipids

A. Fatty acid and Glycerol

B. Amino Acids

C. Carbohydrates

D. Proteins

one of the three macronutrients that includes oil and fats.

A. Lipids

B. Carbohydrates

C. Proteins

D. Vitamins

molecules from food that provide calories the body needs for growth, metabolism, and all other body functions.

A. Macronutrients

B. Nitrogenous Bases

C. Amino Acids

D. Phospholipids

The movement of materials from high concentration to low concentration

A. Diffusion

B. Osmosis

C. Conduction

D. Evaporation

A barrier that allows some substances to pass through, but not all substances.

A. Semi permeable

B. Impermeable

C. A shield that stops all substances

biological catalyst made of proteins that speed up the rate of chemical reactions in living things.

A. Enzymes

B. Photosynthesis

C. Endoplasmic Reticulum

D. Mitochondria

metabolic reactions that take place in the cells to convert chemical energy from oxygen and nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

A. Cellular Respiration

B. Photosynthesis

C. Fermentation

D. Transcription

the material that is acted on (broken down or synthesized) by the enzyme.

A. Substrate

B. Catalyst

C. Reagent

D. Reactant


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