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Tt is-
A. homozygous dominant
B. homozygous recessive
C. heterozygous
D. none of these

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Microbial Growth All About Blood Neuroanatomy Endocrine System and Nervous System Receptors Biodiversity Disease Viruses Biomolecules Source of Food Homeostasis - Vision Correction Health-Wellness-Illness Medicinal use of Microorganisims Eye Histology Skeletal Tissue Diseases and Preventions

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It’s a change to the lens that causes it to stiffen and also discolor the lens of the eye. It causes blurring of up close vision that impedes ability to read printed material or text on a screen. This is often related to aging.

A. Myopia

B. Presbyopia

C. Hyperopia

D. Astigmatism

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In 1915, Richard Leisohn discovered that by adding what to blood, the need for donor to donor transfusion was removed?

A. Sodium Nitrate

B. Sodium Citrate

C. Sodium Chloride

D. Sodium Concentrate