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Elephantiasis disease is caused by-

A. Worms

B. Fungi

C. Viruses

D. Bacterias

the common unit for measuring the energy value of foods is the

A. metrocalorie

B. kilocalorie

C. calorie

They are not medical doctors but they are licensed to do eye examinations and vision screenings. They also prescribe lenses and medication for certain eye diseases.

A. Optometrists

B. Opticians

C. Doctors

D. Ophthalmologists

It is an infection or swelling of the middle ear, which is just behind the eardrum, when mucus is trapped inside.

A. Ear infection

B. Impacted cerumen

C. Otitis media

D. Otitis externa

This is the excessive inward arching of the lower part of the spine, causing the pain and sometimes, immobility.

A. Hyperlordosis

B. Scoliosis

C. Kyphosis

Why does temperature have an effect on the rate of photosynthesis?
A. Higher temperature allows carbon dioxide to diffuse into the leaves faster.
B. Higher temperature allows water to be transported to the leaves faster.
C. Higher temperature allows the stomata to open wider.
D. Higher temperature allows the enzymes to function better.

You should exercise regularly and eat less salt to _____________ your health.

A. boost

B. decrease

C. limit

D. improvise

Identify Infectious /Communicable diseases-

A. Typhoid,Cholera,T.B, Malaris

B. Cancer,Cholera, Typhoid

C. High B.P,Typhoid,Malaria

D. Diabetes,Beri-Beri,Cholera,AIDS

Which of the following is not a mineral?

A. Carbohydrate

B. iron

C. calcium

D. potassium

Protein is found in which food?

A. Eggs

B. Cheese

C. Chocolate

D. Tomatoes

Poor diet is NOT an influencing factor in the development of

A. Type 2 Diabetes

B. Hypertension

C. Obesity

D. Type 1 Diabetes

____ or gum is the tissue surrounding the teeth

A. enamel

B. gingiva

C. root

This are the simple organisms that cannot make their own food.

A. virus

B. bacteria

C. fungi

D. parasites

An example of goof social health and wellbeing is

A. Living with others even though you don’t like them

B. Making new friends, because your old friends are annoying you

C. Dealing with your dysfunctional family

D. Being able to adapt to different and new social social situations

sore throat

A. boğaz ağrısı

B. omuz ağrısı

The doctor hasn’t finished the operation ……….

A. just

B. for

C. since

D. yet

Have you ……….. sprained your ankle?

A. yet

B. ever

C. never

D. for

It is a condition wherein your skin becomes painful and red due to too much sunlight exposure.



Spiritual Health and wellbeing is characterised by

A. Worshiping together

B. Having a sense of belonging

C. Believing what your family believe

D. Being in touch with your spiritual self


A. ölüm

B. öldürücü


A. burun kanaması

B. burun akıntısı

by the 9th week, a _____ is less than an inch long and weighing only 1/6 ounce

A. embryo

B. placenta

C. fetus

How much water should we drink everyday?

A. 3 Litres

B. 1 Litre

C. 2 Litres

D. 5 Litres

What is dehydration?
A. Too much fluid in the body
B. A lack of fluid in the body

An infectious disease:
A. can be spread from person to person.
B. can not be spread from person to person.


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