Health Quiz


Populations who experience optimal health and wellbeing are able to

A. Earn higher average incomes

B. Increase social participation

C. Live longer, and healthier lives

D. All of the above

hormone that triggers sleepiness and functions as antioxidant

A. ovaries

B. melatonin

C. testes

The type of feed to be used by young animals is called

A. Maintenance

B. Growth

C. Fattening

D. Work

They are medical doctors who are trained to diagnosed eye diseases, prescribe treatment lenses, and perform surgery on the eyes if needed.

A. Optometrists

B. Opticians

C. Doctors

D. Ophthalmologists

Principles of treatment of diseases is-

A. To reduce the effect of disease

B. To kill the microbes

C. Both to kill the microbes and reduce the effect of disease

D. None of above

The amount of energy released when nutrients are broken down is measured in units called
A. grams
B. calories
C. ounces
D. pounds

Which stage of life does the following occur: Learning social skills, toilet training and eating on your own

A. Youth

B. Early Childhood

C. Late Childhood

D. Infancy

the chemical and physical processes by which the body burns foods and generates energy

A. metabolism

B. pancreas

C. hormone

Types of foods that are highest in protein are

A. Milk and cheese

B. Fruit and vegetables

C. Meat and tofu

D. Grain products

Poor diet is NOT an influencing factor in the development of

A. Type 2 Diabetes

B. Hypertension

C. Obesity

D. Type 1 Diabetes

A dose of weakened or killed germs of one kind that helps the body make antibodies to protect itself is called a
A. Vaccine
B. Antibiotic
C. Antibody
D. Pathogen

Which of these options is not good for our health?

A. Go to physical education class

B. Swim

C. Be on the sofa all day

D. Run

The human body is almost…

A. 90 % water.

B. 70 % water.

C. 70 % blood.

They are responsible for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of threats to oral health.

A. Pharmacists

B. Dentists

C. Physiotherapists

D. Dieticians and Nutritionists

What would be a good meal for an athlete to eat before training?
A. Rice with chicken
B. A pie with chips
C. Jelly with iceream

Illness is

A. an objective concept that can be measured

B. having a disease that can be diagonsed

C. being seriously unwell, beyond the point of improvement

D. a subject concept related to how a person feels

The baby is attached to the placenta by means of the __________, a bundle of three blood vessels

A. umbilical cord

B. lungs

C. placenta

True or False:
Influenza is an infectious disease?

In Body,Vaccines provide immunity from infectious diseases like Tetanus,Polio etc.This is-

A. Specific way of prevention

B. General way of prevention

C. Unpredictable way

D. All the above

the primary function of this small gland seems to be the regulation of the body’s waking and sleeping cycle

A. pineal gland

B. thyroid gland

C. pituitary gland

Fruits and vegetables are full of…
A. carbohydrates
B. vitamins and minerals
C. fats
D. proteins

What nutritional disorder is this animal suffering with?
A.     Obesity
B.     Diabetes
C.     Metabolic bone disease
D.     Scurvy
E.     Taurine-depleted

Finish this statement: Health and wellbeing refers to the overall state of an individual’s physical, social, emotional …

A. mental and cultural health

B. mental and spiritual health

C. memory and community health

D. spiritual and religious health

Causes of Diseases are-

A. Genetic Disorders

B. Environmental Pollution

C. Poor health and nourishment

D. All of above

A(n) ____________ is a unit of energy needed for our bodies to work properly.

A. Amino Acid

B. Protein

C. Calorie

D. Molecule


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