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Categorized as saturated or unsaturated; stores energy for FUTURE use, cushions and insulates our bodies
A. Carbohydrates
B. Proteins
C. Lipids (Fats)
D. Nucleic Acids

called weight cycling

A. keto dieting

B. yo-yo dieting

C. carb loading dieting

This is also known as farsightedness, this condition has difficulty seeing or focusing on nearby objects.

A. Myopia

B. Hyperopia

C. Strabismus

D. Astigmatism

What should you do if you have the flu?

A. drink cold water

B. drink herbal tea

C. eat junk food

D. eat candies

the primary function of this small gland seems to be the regulation of the body’s waking and sleeping cycle

A. pineal gland

B. thyroid gland

C. pituitary gland

A healthy lifestyle can be described as:

A. Eating fruit and vegetables

B. Taking shower twice a day

C. Eating everything you like

D. Eating fast foods

A: 911. State your …………………?

B: My son fell down the stairs.

A. injured

B. emergency

C. location

D. remain

Their role is to provide treatment and care to patients. They are also the primary source of support for doctors and patients in the medical scene.

A. Nurses

B. General practitioners

C. Dentists

D. Nutritionist

A dermatologist treats ……

A. skin problems

B. dental problems

commonly referred to as adrenaline is known as the emergency action hormone

A. insulin

B. metabolism

C. epinephrine

Diseases that are caused partly by unhealthy behaviors and partly by other factors.

A. lifestyle diseases

B. heredity

C. pathogens

D. none of the above

Kala Azar and Amoebic Dysentery diseases are caused by-

A. Protozoans

B. Viruses

C. Worms

D. Fungi

Daily exercise and weight control strongly influence your chances of staying _______.

A. health

B. healthy

C. healthily

D. active

Encouraging other people to live healthy lives is called

A. Risk

B. Influences

C. Communication

D. Advocate

These are doctors who do not specialize in one particular area and provide medical care to all kinds of patients.

A. Nurses

B. General practitioners

C. Dentists

D. Nutritionist


A. kızamık

B. kızarıklık

Which of the following is not a mineral?

A. Carbohydrate

B. iron

C. calcium

D. potassium

An example of goof social health and wellbeing is

A. Living with others even though you don’t like them

B. Making new friends, because your old friends are annoying you

C. Dealing with your dysfunctional family

D. Being able to adapt to different and new social social situations

Good emotional health means a person can express their inner thoughts and feelings.



Consumption of fast food can increase high level of _________.

A. health

B. remedy

C. cholesterol

D. immune system

If you have good mental health,

A. your mind is alert

B. you never make a mistake

C. your body functions well

D. your feelings are appropriate to events

It is an infection or swelling of the middle ear, which is just behind the eardrum, when mucus is trapped inside.

A. Ear infection

B. Impacted cerumen

C. Otitis media

D. Otitis externa

Sleep, rest and relaxation can slow down the ________.

A. aging process

B. life expectancy

C. cholesterol

D. health

physical and chemical breakdown of complex nutrients

A. digestion

B. processing

C. eroding

Stress is an example of

A. Physical Health and wellbeing

B. Emotional Health and wellbeing

C. Mental Health and wellbeing

D. Spiritual Health and wellbeing


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