Medical Quiz

Health Quiz


The type of feed to be used by young animals is called

A. Maintenance

B. Growth

C. Fattening

D. Work

This is the abnormal outward curving of the spine that creates a hum-like shape on the person’s back.

A. Hyperlordosis

B. Scoliosis

C. Kyphosis

A condition in which the eyes do not align with each other properly when looking at an object.

A. Myopia

B. Hyperopia

C. Strabismus

D. Astigmatism

Identify Infectious /Communicable diseases-

A. Typhoid,Cholera,T.B, Malaris

B. Cancer,Cholera, Typhoid

C. High B.P,Typhoid,Malaria

D. Diabetes,Beri-Beri,Cholera,AIDS

What is the part of the body that helps you move?
A.     muscles
B.     ears
C.     nails
D.     hair

This refers to the slow growth and developments of the body and skills associated with certain body parts.

A. Stunted growth

B. Underweight

C. Overweight

D. Obesity

Interrelationships explain

A. How each dimension of health influence the others

B. The meaning of life

C. How babies are made

D. The definition of health and wellbeing

Which nutrient is the most condensed form of energy?

A. cabohydrates

B. fats

C. proteins

D. vitamins

We should exercise _______ minutes each day to be healthy.
A. 120
B. 90
C. 30
D. 60

the study of the endocrine system- its structure, functions, disorders and diseases is called

A. thyroid

B. pancreas

C. endocrinology

A good source of a variety of vitamins and minerals is

A. fruits and vegetables

B. meat

C. cheese

D. pasta


A. burun kanaması

B. burun akıntısı

Health facility which is specialized institutions or establishments that cater to the health concerns of patients from emergency cases to chronic illnesses to therapy sessions.

A. Clinics

B. Hospitals

C. Local Health Care Centers

D. Psychiatric Facilities

During the 3rd and 4th weeks, a structure called a ________ forms between the bodies of the baby and the mother

A. kidney

B. embryo

C. placenta

What kind of exercises we should do to be healthy?

A. Laying on the bed

B. Going to a gym, running

C. Playing computer games

D. Sleeping

Which one is NOT a vegetable?
A. carrots
B. lettuce
C. ice cream
D. tomato

Which of the following is not transferred by houseflies?

A. Typhoid

B. Cholera

C. Dysentry


Populations who experience optimal health and wellbeing are able to

A. Earn higher average incomes

B. Increase social participation

C. Live longer, and healthier lives

D. All of the above

Physical health and wellbeing refers to

A. absence of disease and fitness to complete everyday tasks

B. playing sport, keeping active and fit

C. absence of disease

D. health you can measure

the primary function of this small gland seems to be the regulation of the body’s waking and sleeping cycle

A. pineal gland

B. thyroid gland

C. pituitary gland

the movement of water, digested food and other dissolved substances into the bloodstream

A. absorption

B. pancreas

C. liver

Cancer, Hypertension, and Asthma are examples of what types of disease?
A. Non-communicable
B. Communicable

the part of a tooth that we see, the crown, is covered by

A. root

B. dentin

C. enamel

High B.P,Cancer,Diabetes,Scurvy,Rickets these all disease are-

A. Non-Communicable Diseases

B. Communicable Diseases

C. Acute Diseases

D. Chronic Diseases

This is a health facility where residents of the municipality are provided free or subsidized health care.

A. Clinics

B. Hospitals

C. Local health care centers

D. Psychiatric facilities


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