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Levels of Organization Quiz

The basic unit of structure and function for the body.

A. cell

B. atom

C. organelle

D. nucleus

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Homeostasis Characteristics of Life Salmonella vs E.coli Polio HNBS Intern Muscles Prehabilitation and Conditioning Immune Cells Faction Nutrition, Neuroscience & Mental Health Carbohydrates / Fat-soluble Vitamins Wellness & Influences Stress and Mental Health Physical Disease as a Failure of Homeostasis Major Internal Organs of the Body

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Fungi is benefical to us because of the following reason:

A. They are a source of oxygen

B. They can clean up pollution

C. They are a source of antibiotics

D. They help to clean run off from waste

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“Change your thoughts, change your life.”

A. Psychodynamic perspective

B. Behavioral perspective

C. Cognitive perspective

D. Biological perspective