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Characteristics of Life Quiz


Organisms, such as bacteria, are ______________ which means they consist of only a single cell.

A. unicellular

B. multicellular

C. autotrophic

D. heterotrophic

An amoeba is a unicellular organism. Which characteristic of life is this?

A. All living things use energy

B. All living things contain cells

C. All living things respond to their environment

D. All living things grow

All organisms contain instruction molecules that help determine which traits the organism will have is an example of 

A. universal genetic code (DNA/RNA)

B. metabolism

C. evolution

D. growth and development

The maintenance of an organism’s internal environment is called:

A. compensating

B. homeostasis

C. balancing

D. routine

When a baby kitten becomes an adult cat, this is an example of…

A. energy metabolism

B. growth and development

C. response to stimuli

D. having cells

Reproduction that only involves one parent and all offspring are identical; for example, binary fission of bacteria or amoebas.

A. Asexual

B. Sexual

C. Division

D. Addition

Identify the characteristic: A camel has eyelashes that work to keep the dust and sand out of its eyes.

A. All living things adapt/respond to their environment

B. All living things grow

C. All living things have cells

D. All living things use energy

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic shared by all living organisms?

A. Ability to move

B. Ability to grow and develop

C. Made up of one or more cells

D. Responds to stimuli

Rocks are not living because

A. they never move

B. they aren’t needed for humans

C. they are not made of cells

D. they don’t break down

In order for something to be a living organisms is must show all the of the characteristics of life.



_________________is a signal to which a living thing responds.

A. Stimulus

B. Reaction

C. Development

D. Homeostasis

The ability of a living thing to get bigger is known as _______________.

A. Development

B. Growth

C. Adaptation

D. Response

Something that has never shown the characteristics of life and never will:

A. dormant

B. nonliving

C. living

D. dead

Reproduction that involves cells from two parents uniting to produce the first cell of a new organism.

A. Asexual

B. Sexual

C. Budding

D. Division

Something that is currently showing all the characteristics of life:

A. living

B. nonlivng

C. dead

D. dormant

Fire is living because it has 6 of the 8 characteristics of life. 



Type of reproduction that produces two genetically identical offspring from one parent is _________________.

A. Sexual

B. Asexual

C. reproduction

D. homeostasis

The following are all characteristics of life EXCEPT:

A. made of cell(s)

B. eat food

C. respond to the environment

D. reproduce

A plant growing towards the light is an example of

A. reproduction.

B. responding to a stimuli.

C. metabolism.

D. homeostasis.

A maggot changing into a fly is an example of

A. reproduction.

B. growth and development.

C. homeostasis.

D. evolution.

The dismissal bell rings and you pack up your belongings. In this scenario, what is the stimulus?

A. The bell ringing

B. You packing up your belongings

C. More information is needed


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