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Purpose and Function of the Skeletal System Quiz

Animals that walk on the fingernails or toe nails; the weight of the animal is placed on the the distal end of the phalanges. Examples; Horse, Cow and Pig

A. Plantigrade

B. Digitigrade

C. Unguligrade

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Where is the bladder situated?

A. Under the stomach

B. Under the liver

C. Behind the heart

D. In the lower part of the abdomen

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Which steps would ensure proper positioning in a chair at rest?

A. Place hands on the lap, feet flat on floor, knees in front of the feet

B. Place affected hand on armrest, feet flat on floor, knees directly above feet

C. Sit in the centre of the chair, place hands on lap, knees behind feet

D. Sit on the edge of the chair, place affected hand on armrest, knees behind feet