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Urinary Quiz


Indicate the most abundant cation in the extracellular fluid.

A. K+

B. Na+

C. Cl

D. SO4 2-

What is the function of ADH?

A. decreases reabsorption of water and salts

B. increases reabsorption of hydrogen ions

C. increase reabsorption of salts

D. increases reabsorption of water 

Which stage of urine production involves returning water, nutrients, and electrolytes to the bloodstream?

A. filtration

B. excretion

C. secretion

D. reabsorption 

Which of the following substances is incorrectly matched with its producer?

A. Aldosterone–Adrenal gland

B. Angiotensinogen– Liver

C. Angiotensisn converting enzyme– Heart

D. Renin-Kidney

Which of following is not correct about kidney?

A. Formation and excretion of urine

B. waste management

C. Release of erythropoetin which stimulates formation of red blood cells

D. Passageway to excrete urine

Identify the correct statement about countercurrent multipliers system

A. Descending limb loop of Henle is impermeable to water

B. Ascending limb loop of Henle is impermeable to salt

C. Descending limb loop of Henle is permeable to water

D. Ascending limb loop of Henle is permeable to water

Identify Structure F

A. Proximal Convoluted Tubule

B. Distal Convoluted Tubule

C. Nephron Loop (Loop of Henle)

D. Collecting Duct

Which of the followings is least likely to be found in the filtrate that moves from glomarulus to the Bowman’s capsule in kidney?

A. NaCl

B. Erythrocyte

C. Glucose

D. Urea

Identify structure A

A. Ureter

B. Renal Medulla

C. Renal Cortex

D. Adrenal Gland

Identify the nonselective and passive process performed by the glomerulus that forms the filtrate

A. Tubular secretion

B. Glomerular filtration

C. Tubular reabsoption

D. Glomerular reabsoption

Which stage of urine production involves the removal of substances from the bloodstream?

A. reabsorption

B. excretion

C. filtration

D. secretion

Which stage of urine production involves adding ammonia, uric acid, and other waste substances directly into the renal tubule?

A. reabsorption

B. filtration

C. secretion

D. excretion

_____________ is the second step of urine formation; substances move from the tubular fluid back into the blood.

A. Tubular Reabsorption

B. Tubular Secretion

C. Glomerular Filtration

Identify the incorrect function of angiotensin II in the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System (RAAS).

A. Increases blood pressure by dilating arterioles.

B. Increases blood pressure by decreasing blood flow to many capillaries.

C. Stimulates proximal convoluted tubules to reabsorb more NaCl and water.

D. Stimulates adrenal gland to release aldosterone.

Identify the substance that is secreted by the proximal tubule and prevents the pH of urine from becoming too acidic

A. Bicarbonate

B. Salt

C. Glucose

D. Hydrogen ion

Which kidney structure empties into the ureter?

A. renal pelvis

B. calyx

C. renal papilla

D. renal pyramid


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