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Neurons Quiz


It sends and recieves messages, it is made up dendrites and axons. 

A. Brain 

B. Stimuli 

C. Inertia 

D. Neuron/Nerve Cell 

main organ of the nervous system. protected by the skull, and made of neurons, it is the control center for all actions, thoughts and emotions.

A. brain

B. electrical impulse

C. gland

D. heart

nerve cell

A. Schwann cell

B. dendrite

C. neuron

D. axon

Made of a fatty substance that insulates and prevents the electrical current from leaving the axon.

A. myelin sheath

B. dendrite

C. axon

D. Node of Ranvier

They receive the stimuli from the environment or from other neurons.

A. myelin sheath

B. dendrite

C. axon

D. Node of Ranvier

what is also known as a nerve cell?

A. neuron

B. sensory nerves

C. dendrites

D. toes

dendrites are like…

A. Popsicle sticks 

B. shoe laces

C. a ahir brush

D. tree branches

The gaps that exist between each myelin sheath cell along the axon. The signals jump from one gap to the next.

A. myelin sheath

B. dendrite

C. axon

D. Node of Ranvier

extensions of a neuron through which impulses are sent away from the cell body to other neurons, glands or muscles

A. nerve fibers

B. efferent nerves

C. axon, axon terminal

D. reflex

The part of the nerve cell that receives a message. 

A. Nerve 

B. Brain 

C. Dendrite 

D. Axon 

neurons have a nucleus.



Bundles of neurons where stimuli and impulses pass through out the body. 

A. Nerve 

B. Axon 

C. Brain 

D. Spinal cord 

The scientific study of the structure, function, and pathology of the nervous system is known as _____.

A. neurostics

B. neurology

C. anatomy

D. psychology

rounded area of a neuron

A. axon

B. synapse

C. cell body

D. dendrite

The part of the nerve that sends or relays messages. 

A. Synapse 

B. Dendrite 

C. Neuron 

D. Axon 


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