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Body Movements Quiz

Which of the following parts of the skull is movable?

A. upper jaw

B. ear

C. lower jaw

D. nose

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Health Issues Related to Digesting System and Eating Habits › View

Intake of diet that is high in fibre such as fruits and vegetables can help to prevent

A. constipation, colon cancer, diarrhea and haemorrhoid

B. constipation, colon cancer, indigestion and haemorrhoid

C. constipation, colon cancer, rectum cancer and haemorrhoid

D. constipation, colon cancer, rectum cancer and gastritis

Bonding and the Periodic Table › View

What 5 elements make up your DNA?

A. Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Bromine, Phosphorus and Carbon

B. Nitrogen, Bromine, Phosphorus, Carbon and Oxygen

C. Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, Phosphorus and Hydrogen

D. Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Carbon and Osmium