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Abnormal Psychology; Assessment and Diagnosis Quiz


He classifies various psychological disorders from a biological point of view and publishes work on diagnosis. A German psychiatrist who developed the first diagnostic system.

A. Emil Kraepelin

B. Ivan Pavlov

C. Josef Breuer

D. Sigmund Freud

Jaime was given an intelligence test on Monday, and he obtained a score of 129. The same test was given to him on Wednesday, and he obtained a score of 130. He was actually just an average student based on his performance on other intelligence tests and on his GPA. The test is therefore:

A. Reliable but not valid

B. Valid but not reliable

C. Valid and reliable

D. Deemed effective, as the test is able to recognize John’s true potential

_______ A group of high school students is given an IQ test, and their scores are correlated with a different IQ test they took the year before.

A. Interrater reliability

B. Test–retest reliability

C. Criterion validity

D. Construct validity

It is a set of questions and observations that systematically evaluate the client’s awareness, orientation with regard to time and place, attention span, memory, judgment and insight, thought content and processes, mood, and appearance.

A. Neuropsychological Examination

B. Interview

C. Behavioral Observation

D. Mental Status Examination

International Classification of Disease (ICD-10) system is to World Health Organization, likewise, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), is to ____

A. Psychological Association of the Philippine

B. American Psychiatric Association

C. Americal Psychological Association

D. American Psychological asscociates

Choose among the corresponds statements best describe: Measuring the reliability of test procedure written in the manual

A. Test-Retest Reliability

B. Internal consistency

C. Interscorer reliability

D. Alternate form reliability

It is unstructured in that they rely on various ambiguous stimuli such as inkblots or vague pictures rather than on explicit verbal questions, and in that the person’s responses are not limited to the “true,” “false,” or “cannot say” variety.

A. Psychological Tests

B. Projective Personality tests

C. Objective personality test

D. Intelligence test

Here are the list of objective tests for personality, except one;

A. Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory (MMPI)

B. California Personality test

C. Sack completion test

D. 16 PF

The DSM-5 is used to

A. Establish best practices for treating disorders

B. Provide patients with information about supports groups for their disorders

C. Document case studies of people with severe disorders

D. Establish guidelines for diagnosing disorders

He is considered the father of systematic psychiatry

A. Kraeplin

B. Fernel

C. S. Freud

D. L. Witmer

The following are types of neurological examination except:



C. CT Scan


The first DSM was published in ________.

A. 1956

B. 1906

C. 1898

D. 1952

Through the use of X rays, a ___ scan reveals images of parts of the brain that might be diseased.

A. Computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan        

B. Functional MRI (fMRI)

C. Electroencephalogram (EEG)

D. Positron emission tomography (PET) scan

What is the best way in assessing a working memory?

A. Ask for date and place

B. Ask about recent events

C. Ask to perform a task

D. Ask to write a sentence

Another kind of assessment method is verbal in nature. It’s simply called an ____. This is exactly what it sounds like: a psychologist or psychiatrist talks to a patient and asks them questions

A. Inventories

B. Interview

C. Observation

D. Blood type

These are types of projective tests except:

A. Rorschach inkblot test


C. Draw a person test

D. Children Apperception test

A researcher made an employee answer a test of job attitude then proceeded to correlate it to the employee’s actual job performance. What psychometric property the researcher seems to be establishing?

A. Construct Validity

B. Reliability

C. Divergent Validity

D. Criterion Validity

Personality inventories are particularly easy to score as they are _____. The responses of an individual or a group of individuals can be summed over predetermined groups, yielding a numerical score.

A. Reliable

B. Reliable

C. Psychometrics

D. Standardized

It refers to a procedure by which clinicians, using psychological tests, observation, and interviews, develop a summary of the client’s symptoms and problems the systematic evaluation and measurement of psychological, biological, and social factors in an individual presenting with a possible psychological disorder.

A. Clinical Diagnosis

B. Psychological intervention

C. Psychological Assessment

D. Psychological interview

A test seeks to establish its ability to determine whether a person would be correlated to the results of Maslach Burnout Inventory given to the same group of people after four years. This process is done to evaluate the:

A. Criterion validity

B. Concurrent validity

C. Predictive validity

D. Content Validity

Below are the roles of psychometrician except one:

A. Initial intake interview

B. Prepare written reports of assessments   

C. Administer, score and interpret psychological test own their own

D. Work under the supervision of a licensed

 _______ Patients are interviewed by two different doctors. Researchers examine whether the doctors agree about the diagnosis.

A. Interrater reliability

B. Test–retest reliability

C. Criterion validity

D. Construct validity

When the test measures what it is supposed to measure, it is:

A. Reliable

B. Consistent

C.  Valid

D. Psychometrics


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