Medical Quiz

Environmental Biotechnology Quiz


These are microbes that can survive high temperatures.

A. Psychrophile

B. Thermophile

C. Mesophile

What microbes can grow in an environment that has low pH?

A. Acidophile

B. Neutrophile

C. Alkalophile

Why do algae blooms happen?

A. there are too many nutrients in the water

B. there is not enough turbidity in the water

C. there are too many fish in the water

D. all of these options

What is the example of biofuels?

A. benzene

B. carbon dioxide

C. Ethanol

D. Ferum

Doctors use biosensors in the medical field to test for:

A. Mental illness.

B. Headaches.

C. Strep throat.

D. Fractures.

EIA is a short-form for _________ in environmental biotechnology

A. Environmental Information Assessor

B. Environmental Investigation Agency

C. Environmental Impact Assessment

What is one of the most common groundwater pollutants in the Malaysia?

A. Agricultural waste

B. Gasoline

C. Heavy metals

D. Poultry waste

Microorganisms that take up carbon from their source of energy

A. Chemoautotrophs

B. Heterotrophs

C. Chemoheterotrophs

D. Photoautotrophs

Yeast can be categorized as _________

A. bacteria

B. algae

C. fungi

D. protozoa

The function of Ames test is ________

A. to measure on the mutagenicity level of an unknown samples

B. to determine the chromosome abnormality

C. as in vivo testing of a suspected genetoxin present in the environment

D. as assessment on environment conditions such as sample color, odour, or any visible characteristics

What is the effect of hypotonic solution to bacterial cell?

A. shrink

B. burst

C. nothing

When using bioremediation to clean up toxic contaminated soil, what happens to the bacteria when the pollutants are cleaned up?

A. The area is treated with antibiotics.

B. The area is treated with concentrated oxygen.

C. The bacteria run out of food and die off naturally.

D. The bacteria are covered with fresh soil and they die due to a lack of oxygen.

Where can you find DNA (genetic material) inside a prokaryote?

A. Nucleus

B. Free Floating

C. Mitochondria

D. Endoplasmic Reticulum

A practice of assessing environmental conditions or pollution levels using qualitative or semi-quantitative observations

A. Metabolic rating

B. Visual rating

C. Cell biology

D. Genotoxicity rating

A device that generate electricity from the metabolism of microorganisms

A. Bioluminiscent Bacterial Biosensor

B. Comet assay

C. Microbial Fuel Cells

D. Phytoremediation

The optimum temperature where most bacteria can survive

A. 31-40

B. 30-37

C. 31-41

D. 30-39

A process of adding specific microorganisms to enhance the existing populations and promote biodegradation process

A. Biodegradation

B. Bioremediation

C. Bioaugmentation

When using biosensors to fight pollution, the biosensor is helpful in telling us:

A. What caused the pollution.

B. How long the pollution has been present.

C. Who is responsible for the pollution.

D. Where and what the pollution is.


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