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Immune System Quiz

These are examples of Chemical Defenses, except;

A. Acid

B. Enzymes

C. Cilia

D. Mucin

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Vitamins › View

What is the main difference between the subgroups of vitamins?

A. There aren’t any subgroups of vitamins

B. One sub group needs to be replaced every day because they are dissolved in water and the other can be stored in fat in the body

C. One sub group provides enough nourishment for the body while the other can cause problems if consumed

D. Both of the subgroups need to be consumed on a daily basis because they cannot be stored in the body

E. Once group provides a quick burst of energy and the other provides long term energy

Body Systems & Anatomical Terms › View

All of the following are functions of the skeletal system EXCEPT

A. Protection

B. Hemopoiesis

C. Movement

D. Water Balance