Medical Quiz

Musculoskeletal Quiz


What is the name for the connector that attaches bone to bone?

A. ligament

B. tendon

C. patella

D. string

What part of the skeleton protects the heart, lungs, and stomach?

A. rib cage

B. femur

C. skull

D. spine

In order for the human body to move, which systems must work together?

A. muscular and skeletal

B. muscular and digestive

C. skeletal and circulatory

D. circulatory and respiratory

Which of the following body systems work together for support, protection, and movement?

A. respiratory and circulatory

B. skeletal and muscular

C. skeletal and respiratory

D. digestive and respiratory

What is the name for the connector that attaches muscle to bone?

A. ligament

B. tendon

C. patella

D. string

The skull protects which organ?

A. heart

B. lungs

C. brain

D. stomach

What bone is highlighted?

A. Femur

B. Cranium

C. Ribs

D. Skull

What is the main purpose of the musculoskeletal system?

A. remove waste from the body

B. break down and process food into nutrients for the cells

C. gas exchange – bring oxygen; take away carbon dioxide

D. provide protection, movement and support for the body

Which of the following is NOT a function of bones?

A. Protection

B. Support

C. Movement

D. Blood movement

Where is the femur located in the body?

A. arm

B. shoulder

C. leg

D. foot

Cartilage is a layer of tissue between bones that acts as ___________.

A. muscle

B. cushion

C. bone

D. food source

What does skeletal muscle do?

A. It pumps the heart muscle.

B. It moves food down the esophagus.

C. It moves bones.

D. It makes the skin flexible.


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