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Aseptic Technique & Sterile Comp Review Quiz

When a chunk of rubber from stopper is found in a vial, what has occurred?

A. Coring

B. Beveling

C. Clumping

D. Chunking

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Digestive System (Gastroenterology) › View

Bile may flow backward to the ____ through the_____

A. gallbladder, cystic duct

B. pancreas, pancreatic duct

C. liver, ductus bilous

D. Right hepatic duct, left hepatic duct

E. None of these is correct

Shoulder › View

The trapezoid and conoid ligaments make up the _______ ligament

A. Sternoclavicular

B. Coracoclavicular

C. Acromioclavicular

D. Coracohumeral