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Child Growth and Development Quiz


Developmental tasks that usually occur during specific times in a child’s life

A. newborn

B. milestones

C. parallel play

D. tantrums

Which one of these is the basic need of all people according to Abraham Maslow, before anything else can be acheived:

A. Wifi

B. Self Actualization

C. Physiological Needs

D. Love & acceptance

Methods designed to prevent children from injuring themselves or doing damage.

A. toddler

B. preschooler

C. child proofing

D. punishment

A great rule for teaching 2-3 year olds about emotions is:

A. Have flexible limits, not hard rules

B. Don’t let them get away with anything

C. Allow them to have the most fun possible

D. Just be nice and they’ll get the hint

Development of the body (walking, writing, throwing a ball)

A. physical

B. cognitive

C. social

D. emotional

Putting a gate on stairs or locks on cabinets is an example of…

A. cognitive development

B. child proofing

C. punishment

D. moose

Learning to get along with others is what type of development?

A. Cognitive

B. Moral

C. Social

D. Physical

Moving the arm first and then the fingers is which law of growth and development?

A. Near to Far

B. Simple to complex

C. Head to foot

D. Fine motor skills

Tying shoes is a

A. fine motor skill

B. gross motor skill

__________ is letting the children know what you expect from them.

A. complaining

B. expectations

C. yelling

This theorist studied the emotional development of man. His 8 theories include: Trust vs. Mistrust, and Autonomy vs. Doubt.

A. Erik Erikson

B. Arnold Gesell

C. Jean Piaget

D. Abraham Maslow

Children learning to problem solve is an example of…

A. Physical development

B. Intellectual development

C. Emotional development

D. Social development

A process that helps children learn what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

A. nutrition

B. discipline

C. punishment

D. employment

What is one thing you shouldn’t do when babysitting?

A. invite friends over

B. have activities planned

C. actively watch the children you are babysitting

A person who regularly looks after a child or a sick, elderly, or disabled person.

A. discipline

B. punishment

C. caregiver

D. developmental disability

running is a

A. fine motor skill

B. gross motor skill

Fine motor skills use

A. small muscles like fingers

B. large muscles like legs

When a baby holds their head up before they can crawl is an example of which law of development?

A. Head to foot

B. Near to Far

C. Nose to Ear

D. Simple to Complex

An example of gross motor skills is:

A. buttoning a shirt

B. jumping on a trampoline

C. eating cheerios

D. pushing a button

Children will behave better if they knew you______.

A. will send them to time out

B. care

C. will call his/her parents


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