Medical Quiz

Chest, Back, Abs Quiz

Identify the highlighted muscle.

A. Abdominals

B. Latissimus Dorsi

C. Gastrocnemius

D. Gluteus Maximus

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Nervous & Endocrine Systems › View

Homeostasis is illustrated in the human body by the effects of insulin on the amount of

A. Glucose in the blood

B. Oxygen transported to the lungs

C. Amino acids absorbed by villi

D. Fats digested into glycerol

Thrombosis, Emboliya › View

One of the causes of paradoxical embolism is:

A. Incomplete bottleneck

B. Pulmonary artery stenosis

C. Aortic constriction

D. reversible movement of the embolus

E. Failure of the portal vein system