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Muscular System NCHSE Quiz


The walls of the heart are made of:

A. cardiac muscle

B. contractile muscle

C. striated muscle

D. voluntary muscle

Of the following, what muscle would do the most work if you ran five miles?

A. Biceps

B. Pectoralis major

C. Quadriceps femoris

D. Sternocleidomastoid

What muscle is located in the lower leg?

A. Gastrocnemius

B. Gluteus maximus

C. Trapezius

D. Triceps

Where is the latissimus dorsi located?

A. Back

B. Leg

C. Neck

D. Shoulder

Where would you find a voluntary muscle?

A. Attached to the femur

B. In blood vessel walls

C. Inside the heart

D. Lining the stomach

One of the characteristics of muscles is extensibility. This allows muscles to:

A. consume oxygen

B. contract

C. react to an impulse

D. stretch

What muscle is located above the waist?

A. Deltoid

B. Gastrocnemius

C. Gluteus maximus

D. Tibialis anterior

The tough, sheet like membrane that covers and protects muscle is:

A. fascia

B. a ligament

C. a tendon

D. periosteum

When a muscle attaches to a bone, the end that does not move is the:

A. insertion

B. origin

C. root

D. tendon

What disabling muscle disorder usually affects children?

A. Fibromyalgia

B. Muscular dystrophy

C. Myasthenia gravis

D. Strain

What would cause a muscle contracture?

A. Inactivity

B. Overuse

C. Pulling

D. Twisting

Tetanus is caused by:

A. a bacteria.

B. a missing gene.

C. an autoimmune response.

D. muscle strain.

What muscle injury is often caused by overstretching a muscle?

A. Atrophy

B. Dislocation

C. Myopathy

D. Strain

Which of the following is one of the properties of muscles?

A. Excitability

B. Antagonist

C. Pronator

D. Stability

After you swallow food, what kind of muscle moves the food toward your stomach?

A. Cardiac

B. Skeletal

C. Smooth

D. Voluntary

What is the recommended treatment for a muscle spasm in the lower leg?

A. Alternate hot and cold

B. Pain medication

C. Physical therapy

D. Stretch the muscle

Karina’s leg was in a cast for ten weeks. You would expect her leg muscles to experience some degree of:

A. atrophy

B. circumduction

C. hypertrophy

D. rotation

Of the following, what muscle is superior to the other three?

A. Gastrocnemius

B. Intercostals

C. Sternocleidomastoid

D. Trapezius

Which muscles are located between the ribs?

A. Intercostals

B. Internal obliques

C. Latissimus dorsi

D. Pectoralis

What muscle movement occurs when you move your hand from an open palm to a fist?

A. Abduction

B. Adduction

C. Extension

D. Flexion


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