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Cosmetology Quiz

What term describes a condition that requires avoiding certain treatments, procedures, or products to prevent undesirable effects?

A. Case history

B. Side effects

C. Skin analysis

D. Contraindication

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Homeotic Genes and Cancer › View

Benign Tumor

A. specific DNA sequence within a homeotic gene that regulates patterns of development

B. a tumor that remains within a mass

C. abnormal growth of cells that result from abnormal cell division

D. uncontrolled dividing cells that invade and destroy healthy tissue elsewhere in the body

Musculoskeletal › View

A 6-year old child as developed idiopathic osteonecrosis disease from the proximal (capital) femoral epiphysis. The health care provider would recognize this as:

A. blout disease

B. sever disease

C. legg-calve-perthes disease

D. osgood-schlatter disease