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Inhalation Injury Quiz


Increased carbon monoxide in the Hemoglobin is suggestive of which nursing problem?

A. Ineffective breathing pattern

B. Ineffective airway clearance

C. Impaired gas exchange

D. Ineffective tissue perfusion

A recent story of a mother and child being burned alive as they are trapped in their room at second floor is an example of which type of inhalation injury?

A. chemical inhalation injury

B. Thermal inhalation injury

C. Carbon Monoxide inhalation injury

D. Cyanide gas inhalation injury

Which of the following indicates earliest sign of Increased Intracranial pressure?

A. projectile vomiting

B. severe headache

C. altered level of consciousness

D. seizures

Hypoxemia may lead to which of the following problem?

A. Ineffective Airway clearance

B. Impaired gas exchange

C. ineffective tissue perfusion

D. Ineffective breathing pattern

Thermal injury causes edema for how many hours?

A. 1-6 hours

B. 6-12 hours

C. 12 -36 hour

D. 36-48 hours

Carbon monoxide injury causes which of the following, except:

A. coma

B. death

C. visual impairment

D. pneumonia

The nurse noted a purulent sputum on a client with inhalation injury. Which of the following disorder is suggestive of this condition?

A. Pulmonary edema

B. Atelectasis

C. Pulmonary Hypertension

D. Pneumonia

Elevating head of bed resolves problem of which of the following?

A. Ineffective airway clearance

B. impaired gas exchange

C. ineffective breathing pattern

D. ineffective tissue perfusion

Which of the following assessment findings are suggestive of lower airway inhalation injury, but one:

A. dysphagia

B. singed nasal hairs

C. carbonacious sputum

D. wheezes

Steam inhalation causes injury in which of the following?

A. thermal injury

B. supraglottic injury

C. infraglottic injury

D. glottic injury

Which acid base balance usually occurs in inhalation injury?

A. respiratory alkalosis

B. metabolic alkalosis

C. Respiratory acidosis

D. metabolic acidosis

Chemical inhalation injury is due to which of the following?

A. plastic

B. nylon

C. silk

D. clothing

50 % of deaths in relation to inhalation injury are due to:

A. carbon monoxide

B. carbon dioxide

C. carbonate

D. sodium bicarbonate

Thermal injury below larynx is usually:

A. common

B. not common

C. very rare

D. does not occur


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