Medical Quiz

History of Medicine Quiz


Discovered x-rays

A. Roentgen

B. Edwards

C. Salk

D. Murray

Father of medicine

A. Hippocrates

B. Barton

C. Curie

D. Fleming

Invention of printing press

A. Dark ages

B. 18th century

C. Renaissance

D. 21st century

Beginning of pharmacies

A. Apothecaries

B. Greeks

C. Chinese

D. Jenner

Small pox vaccine

A. Landsteiner

B. Gibbon

C. Jenner

D. Chinese

Invented stethoscope

A. Laennec

B. Blackwell

C. Hippocrates

D. Freud

Doctors did Ceremonies to drive out evil spirits. Drilled holes in skull to drive out demons

A. Renaissance

B. Dark ages

C. Primitive times

D. Middle ages

Father of microbiology

A. Koch

B. Gibbon

C. Curie

D. Pasteur

Discovered polio vaccine

A. Nightingale

B. Pasteur

C. Lister

D. Salk

First successful heart transplant

A. Koch

B. Roman

C. greek

D. Barnard

Royal society and beginning of pharmacies

A. Middle ages

B. Dark ages

C. Renaissance

D. 16th and 17th century

Comparative anatomy (dissect animals to learn about humans)

A. Romans

B. Chinese

C. Greeks

D. Egyptians

Start hand wash at hospital

A. Semmelweis

B. Murray

C. Salk

D. Barnard

Studied and recorded human anatomy through dissection

A. Galen

B. Da

C. Vinci

D. Fahrenheit

Discovered circulatory system and how heart works

A. romans

B. Vesalius

C. Apothecarries

D. Harvey

Code of ethics

A. Romans

B. Hippocratic oath

C. Middle ages

D. Greeks

Discovered insulin

A. Blackwell

B. Banting/Best

C. Koch

D. Murray

Discovered Micro organisms cause disease and pasteurization of milk

A. Laennec

B. Purkinje

C. Pasteur

D. Leeuwenhoek

First to discover blood types

A. Landsteiner

B. Laennec

C. Lister

D. Harvey

Made Red Cross

A. Fleming

B. Blackwell

C. Freud

D. Barton

First female to graduate from med school and established a clinic

A. Barton

B. Galen

C. Blackwell

D. Nightingale

small pox vaccine, bi- focal, and mercury thermometer invented

A. 16th century

B. 17th century

C. 18th century

D. 19th century

Made the first telescope

A. Leeuwenhoek

B. Franklin

C. jenner

D. Lister

First women to receive Nobel prize

A. Freud

B. Curie

C. pasteur

D. Gibbon

Earliest to keep health records

A. Egyptians

B. romans

C. Greeks

D. Chinese


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