Medical Quiz

Branches of Medicine Quiz

_____________ deals with pregnancy and birth

A. Gynecology

B. Oncology

C. Obstetrics

D. Pathology

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Urinalysis/ Immunology Make up Deficiency Disease Anatomy and Physiology Skeletal System Types of Nutrients SPED Law-lympics Physical Education and Health Orthopedic Surgeon Histology Source of Food Biotechnology Unintentional Injuries Hair Evidence Genetics and Censorship Effect of Exercise on Cardio Respiratory System & Muscular Virus, Bacteria, Immunity

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Cell - Fundamental Unit of Life › View

Describes the arrangement of the cell membrane as bendable and made of many parts. 

A. The Fluid Mosaic Model 

B. The Major Mobility Model 

C. The Crazy Cell Model

D. The Maze Model

Body Systems › View

The kidneys, skin, and lungs are each part of the ______ system.

A. Respiratory

B. Excretory

C. Digestive

D. Nervous