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Non-infectious Disease Quiz


Epidemiology can be involved in:

A. Disease surveillance

B. Investigating outbreaks

C. Identifying risk factors

D. All of above

What term describes “death within a population”

A. mortality

B. virulent

C. botulism

D. morbidity

A widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time

A. Health crisis

B. Pandemic

C. Epidemic

D. Endemic

Epidemiology involves analysing data?



The hallmark feature of an analytic epidemiologic study is:

A. use of an appropriate comparison group

B. laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis

C. publication in a peer-reviewed journal

D. statistical analysis using logistic regression

Doll and Hill conducted epidemiological studies to identify:

A. The link between obesity and diabetes

B. The link between lack of exercise and obesity

C. The link between smoking and lung cancer

D. The link between eating sugar and diabetes

The ABC study is a study to understand the causes of cancer. ABC stands for:

A. Avoid breast cancer

B. Always be cool

C. Australian Breakthrough Cancer

D. Australians being careful

Genetic engineering can prevent non-infectious diseases such as:

A. Cystic fibrosis and malaria

B. Sickle-celled anaemia and cystic fibrosis

C. Influenza and haemophilia

D. Haemophilia and COVID19

The use of CRISPR is an example of:

A. Discovering genetic disease

B. Causing genetic disease

C. Treatment of genetic disease

D. Preventing non-infectious disease

Any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that promotes the formation of cancer.

A. toxin

B. carcinogen

C. solvent

D. biological agent

Can you have correlation without causation?

A. Yes

B. No

The following campaign was designed to raise awareness and prevent skin cancer

A. Slip, slop, slap

B. Life be in it

C. Quit for life

D. Roll up your sleeves

Epidemiological studies are only used to study non-infectious disease



What does “ology” mean?

A. below

B. the study of

C. a specialist

D. a part of

What term describes “illness within a population”

A. mortality

B. virulent

C. carcinogen

D. morbidity


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