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Germs Quiz


True of False: Strep Throat is caused by a bacteria so it can be treated with an Antibiotic.



Bacteria can be treated with an

A. Antibiotic

B. Vaccine

C. Symptom

True or False: All bacteria are bad for you.



What is the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19?

A. Go to the bathroom

B. Wash your hands

C. Stop coughing

D. Sneeze

You can spread germs by

A. shaking hands

B. coughing and not covering your mouth

C. high five’s

D. All of the above

Another name for a host is

A. Victor

B. Vector

C. Virginia

D. Value

True or False: A virus can be killed with an antibiotic.



Diseases that are not spread from person to person are called this.

A. communicable

B. contagious

C. susceptible

D. non-communicable

An example of a communicable disease would be what?
A.     Heart Disease
B.     Chickenpox
C.     Diabetes
D.     Asthma

A prescription medicine is

A. One you can buy at the grocery store

B. One you get from your doctor at a pharmacy

C. Over the counter medicine

D. One you get from the school nurse

When is it okay to share medicine?

A. When it belongs to someone in your family

B. When a friend has the same illness

C. Never

D. Anytime

What is your most important body defense system?

A. saliva

B. blood

C. tears

D. skin

Dehydration is when your body loses too much …

A. water

B. blood

C. weight

D. strength

What ‘germ’ do antibiotics help your body get rid of?

A. Viruses and Fungus

B. Fungus

C. Viruses

D. Bacteria

This is a ???

A. Bacteria

B. Virus

C. Parasite

D. Fungi

What is the system of your body that fights off diseases?

A. Endocrine

B. Immune

C. Respiratory

D. Circulatory

Fungi reproduce by

A. cloning themselves

B. Spores

C. Splitting into two fungi

D. Mating

A dose of weakened or killed germs of one kind that helps the body make antibodies to protect itself is called a
A. Vaccine
B. Antibiotic
C. Antibody
D. Pathogen

Athletes Foot is a

A. Virus

B. Bacteria

C. Fungi

D. Parasite

True or False: A germ can enter the body through the skin?



A disease that is caused by germs and can spread from person to person is called a 
A. Non Communicable Disease
B. Communicable Disease
C. Allergy
D. Virus

What is a symptom?
A. when it is hot outside
B. wearing many layers of clothes
C. a change in the body caused by an illness
D. when it is cold inside

What do antibodies do?

A. make viruses multiply faster

B. make us feel sick

C. stick to and destroy germs

Cancer, Emphysema, and Allergies are all types of 
A. Communicable Diseases
B. Viruses
C. Bacteria
D. Non-Communicable Diseases

Covid 19 is a

A. Bacteria

B. Virus

C. Parasite

D. Fungi


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