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Properties of The Hair and Scalp Quiz


The hair root is that portion of the hair contained within the:

A. hair cuticle

B. hair follicle

C. sweat pore

D. hair cortex

The scientific study of hair, its diseases, and care is called _________________.

A. dermatology

B. trichology

C. biology

D. cosmetology

Hair growth starts in the hair:

A. shaft

B. bulb

C. root

D. papilla

The medulla of the hair is found in the:

A. center of the hair

B. outer layer of hair

C. second layer of hair

D. cuticle layer of hair

At the bottom of the hair follicle is found a small cone-shaped elevation called the hair:

A. papilla

B. cuticle

C. medulla

D. cortex

Hair receives its nourishment from the hair papilla which contains:

A. blood vessels

B. muscles

C. glands

D. fatty tissue

The lower part of the bulb is hollowed to fit over the:

A. papilla

B. root

C. follicle

D. shaft

Hair follicles are not found on the ___________________.

A. forehead area

B. backs of the hands

C. soles of the feet

D. back of neck

The club-shaped structure forming the lower part of the hair:

A. bulb

B. shaft

C. follicle

D. papilla

The two parts of a mature strand of human hair are the __________________.

A. dermis and epidermis

B. hair shaft and haie follicle

C. hair root and hair shaft

D. hair root and hair follicle

Hair is an outgrowth on the:

A. palms

B. soles

C. scalp and skin

D. lips

The hair cortex is the:

A. outer layer

B. center layer

C. inner (second) layer

D. marrow

The hair cuticle is the:

A. center layer

B. outer layer

C. second layer

D. marrow


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