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Pathology Endocrine Quiz


The vector ناقل of Filariasis is …..

A. Dogs

B. Cats

C. Mosquitoes

Autoimmune disorder of hyperthyroidism

A. Grave’s Disease

B. Hashimoto’s

The largest pure endocrine gland

A. Thyroid

B. Pituitary

C. Adrenal

The stage of Filaria worm that circulated in human bloodstream

A. Adult filaria worm

B. Microfilaria

A system of ductless glands secrete messenger molecule called hormones

A. Endocrine

B. Respiratory

C. Immune

Hypersecretion GH in children

A. Gigantism

B. Acromegaly

C. Dwarfism

Adult Filaria worm live in ….

A. Lymph

B. Blood

C. Liver

Treatment of Filariasis is

A. Preventive chemotherapy and MDA

B. Antibiotic

C. Antiviral anti inflammatory

Lymphatic Filariasis caused by …..

A. Parasite

B. Virus

C. Bacteria

The only cells affected by the hormones are ………

A. Target cells

B. Epithelial cells

C. solar cells

Babies with diminished mental ability as their mom had a lack of Iodine

A. Cretinism

B. Grave’s disease

Adrenal gland disorder of Hypersecretion of cortisol with high blood glucose and high blood pressure

A. Cushng’s syndrome

B. Addison’s disease

Hypersecretion of GH in adult

A. Acromegaly

B. Gigantism

C. Dwarfism

Too little Iodine in diet causes

A. Goiter

B. Grave’s Disease

C. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Adult onset disease in female and cause masculinizationذكوره including facial hair and thicker jaw

A. Cushing’s syndrome

B. Hashimoto’s

Decrease metabolism and causes obesity

A. Hypothyroidism

B. Hyperthyroidism

Cushing’s disease is an Adrenal gland disorder of…

A. Hypersecretion of cortisol

B. High blood pressure

C. high blood glucose

D. All are correct


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