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Fluid and Electrolytes Quiz

An infant came to the ER with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. The patient has lost a total of 6% of their body weight and is irritable, eyes are slightly sunken, and has a decreased amount of tears. What category and degree is this infants dehydration?

A. Mild, Isotonic

B. Severe, Hypotonic

C. Moderate, Hypertonic

D. Moderate, Isotonic

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Other quiz: Selective Breeding

Which of the following is an example of selective breeding?

A. populations of lizards that have a certain trait become more numerous after a change in climate

B. a population of insects develops resistance to a pesticide after farmers repeatedly use the same pesticide to kill the insects

C. a population of bacteria develops resistance to an antibiotic

D. farmers allow only sheep that produces the best wool to breed