Medical Quiz

Blood Groups Quiz


Which of the following does NOT describe the veins?

A. Thin walls

B. Thick walls

C. Large lumen

D. Presence of valves

Which one of the following blood components helps it to clot when the skin is cut?

A. Red blood cells

B. White blood cells

C. Plasma

D. Platelets

Which of the following blood groups is known as a universal recipient?

A. A

B. B


D. O

The process whereby a person receives blood is called blood …

A. transgression

B. diffusion

C. transmission

D. transfusion

Which component in blood carries oxygen around the body?

A. Red blood cells

B. White blood cells

C. Platelets

D. Plasma

What is the function of the valves in the heart?

A. To separate the chambers

B. To prevent backflow of blood

C. To prevent blockage in the heart

D. To separate the blood

A biker of blood type O was in a serious accident; he lost a lot of blood and needed a blood transfusion. Which blood type should he have been given?

A. A

B. B

C. O


Which one of the following is NOT a blood group?

A. A

B. O




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