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Neuroanatomy of CNS Quiz


Ascending tracts carry sensory signals up the spinal cord. Sensory signals travel across three neurons from receptors to destinations in sensory areas of the brain. Which neurons continue to the thalamus at the upper end of brainstem?

A. First order neurons

B. Second order neurons

C. Third order neurons

How to examine the cerebrospinal fluid(CSF) ?

A. Lumbar puncture

B. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

C. Blood Test

Siti has loss of bitter and sour taste. She also unable to swallowing. What nerve that affect Siti’s problem?

A. The Hypoglossal nerve (XII)

B. The Accessory nerve (XI)

C. The Vagus nerve (X)

D. The Glossopharyngeal nerve (IX)

What is consist of filum terminale, roots of lumbar and sacral, coccygeal spinal nerves?

A. Subarachnoid space

B. Cauda equine

C. Gray matter

D. White matter

“Tree of life”
What it is?

A. Emboliform

B. Arbor Vitae

C. Fastgeal

D. Dentate

There are five motor cranial nerves.

A. Yes

B. No

What is the diagnosis of this condition?

A. Bell’s Palsy

B. CN III Palsy

C. Trochlear Nerve Palsy

D. Abducens Nerve Palsy

Yesterday, Ali got injury during standing under coconut tree because a coconut fall on his head. Suddenly, he fall down and unconscious. Once he wake up, he unable to maintain his balancing and control his posture. He also has difficulty in walking short distance. Why this happen?

A. Injured at brainstem

B. Injured at medulla oblongata

C. Injured at cerebellum

D. Injured at cerebrum

“Fibers from vermis cortex sends fibers to medulla nuclei”
What it is?

A. Molecular layer

B. Emboliform

C. Globose

D. Fastigeal

*Imbalance CSF
*Fontanelle feel firm or bulge out
*Prominent scalp veins
*Rapidly increasing head circumference
*Downward deviation of eyes or sunset sign

Based on the symptoms given, what is diagnose of this person?

A. Stroke

B. Traumatic brain injury

C. Hydrocephalus

D. Cerebellar hemisphere syndrome

Rostral toward the spinal cord.

A. Yes

B. No

Nerve that cause Bell’s Palsy….

A. Trigeminal V

B. Vagus X

C. Facial VII

D. Abducens VI

Which nerves control muscles that turn the eyeball up, down and medially as well as controlling the iris, lens, and upper eyelid?

A. Optic Nerve

B. Olfactory Nerve

C. Oculomotor Nerve

D. Trigeminal Nerve

Mr Abu found unconscious at home. His wife said Mr Abu was fine before he fall down, he complain had headache. Doctor examine Mr Abu and result show there aneurysms near circle of Willis at the base of the brain due to rupture of artery within subarachnoid space. Based on the descriptions, what is actually happen on Mr. Abu?

A. Arachnoid haemorrhage

B. Papilloedema

C. subdural haemorrhage

D. Subarachnoid haemorrhage

Below are sensory cranial nerves. Which one is correct?
I.Olfactory Nerve
II.Oculomotor nerve
III.Vestibulocochlear nerve
IV.Optic Nerve




D. All the above

Which are the parts of the spinal cord that carry sensory input from the body?

A. Dorsal Horn

B. Dorsal Nerve Root

C. Ventral Horn

D. Ventral Nerve Root


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