Medical Quiz

Musculoskeletal System Quiz

Contract your bicep muscle; what happens to the bicep muscle when you do this?

A. Bicep muscle becomes long and strong

B. Bicep muscle becomes short and thick

C. Bicep muscle becomes short and thin

D. Bicep muscle becomes long and relaxed

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Macro and Micro Nutrients › View

No Food has every Vitamin or Mineral. This is why we need to eat a…..

A. lot of each.

B. give up and eat potato chips.

C. go our to restaurants for variety.

D. eat a balanced diet.

Herd Immunity › View

what exactly does herd immunity mean?

A. A community giving a herd of animals a disease.

B. When a lot of people heard the diagnosis.

C. When a large part of an area is immune to a disease.

D. None of the above.