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Amber is moderately active and loves sweet foods. Which is the best practice for her to adopt?

A. Ban sugars completely and decrease activity levels

B. Eat only fruits and cut out all activity

C. Have desserts in small portions and increase her activity

D. Have desserts in small portions and decrease her activity

You are at the supermarket. Which strategy is the best for choosing a brand of cereal to buy?

A. Check the sale ads

B. Read the nutrition facts on the label

C. Find the cheapest brand

D. Find the most expensive brand

Which of these individuals has a sedentary lifestyle?

A. Candis enjoys playing video games with her son but does not like outdoor sports or activities

B. Cynthia is on the gymnastics team and enjoys helping her father in the garden

C. Tameka regularly helps out around the house but goes outdoors for a walk three times a week

D. Keisha does not play any outdoor sports but takes a 30 minute bike ride everyday

Which description best dwfines health?

A. Being physically fit, eating a good diet, and not having any major diseases

B. Being in the middle, rather that at either extreme, of the health continuum

C. Maintaining a balance of physical, mental/emotional, and social well being

D. Eating well, having friends liking yourself, and living for a long time

Which statement is true about exercise and health?

A. As long as you eat right and exercise , you will not develop serious diseases

B. If your parents have good health, you will inherit good from them

C. Exercise and a healthy diet play an important role in decreasing your chances of developing a disease

D. You will always have good health if you maintain a good set of habits throughout your lifetime

The nutrition facts label on a food package lists “iron 50%”. What doss this figure indicate?

A. The total content of this package fulfills 50 percent of the required daily amount of iron.

B. One serving from this package fulfills 50 percent of the required daily amount of iron.

C. Half of this package fulfills 50 percent of the required daily amount of iron

D. All of the Above

Some disease can be passed through genes.



Type II Diabetes can be reverse



Anita is concerned that she’ll be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. What type of lifestyle change could she make to help prevent this diagnosis?

A. Switch to a diet low in fat and sugar and maintain an active lifestyle

B. Switch to a vitamin-rich diet and maintain a somewhat active lifestyle

C. Switch to a protein-rich diet but keep a sedentary lifestyle

D. Do nothing and do not worry about because it most likely will not become a diabetic

Mr. Travis munches on some almonds. To which food group do almonds belong?

A. Fruits

B. Dairy

C. Protein

D. Vegetables

Which disease reduces bone density and causes the bones to become brittle

A. Atherosclerosis

B. Diabetes

C. Hypertension

D. Osteoporosis

At age 16 Tua has an appropriate weight and eats whatever he wants. What is the best strategy for Tua to ensure good health?

A. Walk once a day and start paying attention to his diet to prevent weight gain.

B. Engage in regular physical activity and get in the habit of eating food that is high in nutrients.

C. Take up an aerobic sport like soccer and reduce his calorie intake to 1800 per day

D. Just keep doing what he has been doing

What is the minimum amount of fruit that should be eaten each day?

A. 1 cup

B. 2 cups

C. 3 cups

D. 4 cups

Which statement best explains the relationship between diet, and osteoporosis?

A. Cholesterol blocks calcium from reaching bone cells. A diet that is high in cholesterol can lead to osteoporosis

B. Calcium and phosphorus build strong and flexible bones. A diet that lacks these nutrients can lead to osteoporosis.

C. Protein and iron build strong and flexible bones. A diet that lacks these nutrients can lead to osteoporosis.

D. Sugars and fats build strong and flexible bones. A diet that lacks these nutrients can lead to osteoporosis.

Which description shows the best balance of physical, social, and mental or emotional health?

A. April has low self-esteem and is working on making more friends

B. Billy Joe Bob plays hockey, eats well, and has frequent conflicts with his family and teammates

C. Elle May Sue Ellen has a large circle of friends and eats primarily junk food and chocolate

D. Jalen exercises for 30 minutes a day, eats well, and enjoys new challenges

Your environment can affect a person’s heath



What is BMI?

A. A tool used to measure an individual weight

B. A tool used to find one’s ideal number of daily calories

C. A toll used to measure the ratio of lean muscle to fat

D. A tool used to measure and evaluate individual weight

Which statement about weight control is false?

A. Exercise helps people to control their weight by burning calories.

B. To lose weight, people need to burn more calories than they consume each day

C. People burn calories at different rates depending on their metabolism

D. Weight control is the primary benefit of excerise

Read the statement below. Which person is the best listener?

A. Belinda listens quietly. Her mind often wanders while her friends are talking.

B. Nick Saban agrees with whatever the other person says. He rarely interrupts to offer suggestions.

C. Jerry Jonres just interrupts everyone and does not let anyone get a word in.

D. LaKisha listens without interrupting the person. She gives appropriate suggestions

Hypertension is also called High Blood pressure




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