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The _____ cells are star shaped and provide a means of acquiring nutrients in the brain

A. astrocyte

B. microglia

C. ependymal

D. oligodendrocytes

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Genetic Engineering › View

what is the correct sequence of steps in genetic engineering?

P: inserting the desired gene into a vector
Q: Cutting out the DNA of the desired gene
R: Multiplying the copies of the gene
S: Introducing the vector into the host cell

A. P, Q, S, R

B. P, R, Q, S

C. Q, P, S, R

D. Q, R, P, S

Endocrinology › View

Which of the following hormones stimulates the kidneys to excrete more sodium decreasing blood pressure?

A. Angiotensin II

B. Aldosterone

C. Atrial natriuretic peptide hormone

D. Antidiuretic hormone